April 2018 Board Message

A delegation of Big Ocean women attended the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations in March. We gathered information, made new contacts, and interviewed women from around the world who are impacting their communities in positive ways. We are excited to share with members and cottage leaders over the coming months. …

CSW Presentation Facebook Live – Big Ocean Origins and Tenets

CSW Presentation Facebook Live – Women of the World, Worldwide Declaration of Mothers

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CSW Presentation Facebook Live – Native American Fatherhood and Families Association

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CSW Presentation Facebook Live – Karyn Denny, Rural Navajo Farmer

CSW Presentation Facebook Live – Alicia Moulton, Beekeeping and Women

You can view Alicia’s slides here.


In every age and culture, perceptions of beauty have been a driving force for humankind. The question, “what is beauty?” was an occupation of the Greek philosophers. The answer, however, is extremely volatile. The great changeability of fashion exemplifies this. Even the concept of an ideal human form is in flux, leaving one to wonder …

November 2017 Board Message

The Family: Source of Intergenerational Power Recently, I attended a wedding reception for a family friend. I was struck by the deliberate and intentional ways that this family has held onto their own family culture. The celebration included specific elements celebrating their blended heritage, from traditional Polish dances to Italian dishes. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and …

Education: The Flight that Feathers the Nest

As I pondered the power of education to enrich our lives and homes, I remembered a book, “The Flight and the Nest,” by Carol Lynn Pearson. She begins with “On Nest Building,” comparing the ease and utility of a nest built from local materials–mud and sticks and feathers–with one built from gathering ingredients from “sunsets, …