Culture Article 1

We recognize and follow our intuitive internal compass.

We are all born intuitively capable of deciphering which actions will bring about the most good for us and others. It is a skill we can develop, a type of unspoken language of the universe that we can tap into, that will help us make choices that will increase our capacity to influence for good. This internal ability is what we call our internal compass. It is the voice of our conscience letting us know what to do day by day, and even hour by hour. Our quest is to become well acquainted with this tool, and to use it often. Doing this will bring us deep internal satisfaction and joy, and will aid us in fully experiencing and growing life-culture.

So how does our internal compass operate? What does it look and feel like? Well, although there is no “standard” way to describe it, we do have some clues that can help us identify when this tool is at work. Because we are all different, we likewise have different ways we understand and identify our own internal compass. Here are just some ways that our internal compass operates.

  • The feeling that something is true
  • A clear thought or impression to do good
  • A more clear understanding of a concept
  • A sharper memory to do something good, or recall something important
  • A moment of inspiration where you heart is touched and you are filled with positive emotion
  • A sensitivity to others around you, to reach out to someone and help them in some way
  • It might even be the feeling of danger, or the thought to avoid doing or saying something

In any of these ways, our compass tugs at us with a gentle nudge towards life culture. The key is to slowly and consistently listen and act.

Identifying how the Compass speaks to you is the first step, the second, and perhaps the most important step, is following through with the action. The more we act on these “tuggings” to do good, the more this tool will manifest itself and the more we will understand clearly what choices are best for us. As we become proficient in using this tool, we will make choices that will bring us towards life culture where we will enjoy peace, joy and satisfaction.  

Here are some questions to consider:

  • When was the last time you felt a desire to serve someone or do a kind act?
  • How did that beginning feeling or thought occur? What did it feel like to you?
  • When was the last time you received a clear idea or answer to a problem? What did that feel like?
  • When you receive these ideas or impressions, how do you typically react? Do you follow through? Why or why not?
  • If you have a hard time following the path your heart is telling you to go, what are some possible reasons you hesitate or don’t act?
  • How can you teach this idea to your children?
  • How might becoming  proficient with this tool help you day to day?

Suggested Exercise

One suggested exercise is to keep a journal or written record of times when you have followed your internal compass, and what the outcomes have been, both internally with how you feel and externally in your surroundings. Try this until you have a clear understanding of how this tool is manifest in your own life. Then pass on this knowledge to your family members and friends. You will see life culture spread around you and you will feel greater peace and joy!