Culture Article 2

We believe in the Model of Powerful Impact, that true power comes from within, then extends to our families, communities, and the world.


We believe that because true power comes from within, there is indeed nothing external holding us back from fully expressing our power and influence for good in the world. As women and mothers, our sphere of influence not only impacts our immediate families, communities, and the world, it eventually impacts generations! Therefore, we carefully choose to exercise our influence with all of these spheres in mind. We are critical agents for positive change, and it all starts from within.

Like ripples on the water, The Model of Powerful Impact expresses the natural flow of human connection and influence: God, self, family, community, and world. As we come to understand the divine source of our inner power, we are first personally impacted by that power. We then begin to use that power to positively impact those closest to us, until we eventually begin to impact our community and even the world.

Big Ocean Model of Powerful Impact suggests:

  1. All goodness, inspiration, and internal power comes from a divine source.
  2. As Big Ocean Women, we acknowledge that all strength, power, and resilience comes from this divine source. This is the great source from which all other influences for good can flow. No matter what our faith tradition may be, there exists a cosmic, universal, but also personal force which enables us to expand goodness forward. Our faith is like a raindrop hitting a pond. Faith empowers us from the inside out and causes a ripple across the pond’s surface.
  3. As a natural result, the greatest impact we can have is within the our homes and families. These primary connections are natural, organic, and unavoidable. However, if our family situations are difficult, this
  4. The first ripple from our raindrop of faith is the impact we can have on our family or on those within our household. These relationships are special and inescapable. This is where the deepest and most lasting impact can be made.
  5. As a water ripple grows, it begins to diminish in strength and magnitude; however, when it begins to intersect with other ripples, as in a rainstorm, there is a regeneration of movement and energy. In other words, when strong and happy families begin impacting the community, there is an added vibrancy generated within the community.
  6. Strong and vibrant communities rejuvenate and replenish the world.
  7. As more drops of rain fall, more intersecting ripples are generated and movement is felt throughout the farthest reaches of the pond–all over the world!

In conclusion, the Model of Powerful Impact illustrates the powerful impact a single individual can have within the family, and the power a single family can have in the community, and the power a single community can have the world over.

Powerful change and life-sustaining movement can come from enlightened individuals within safe and harmonious families, as their actions intersect and as they motivate one another to do good.  The Model of Powerful Impact stresses prioritizing our efforts.  We first nurture our own faith; then are able to impact our families and eventually have the strength and power to impact the world. Its flow is an inescapable natural pattern, where every drop matters.

By strengthening yourself through a divine source, you are a great influence within your home, community, world, and even generations to come. You are amazing!

Discussion Questions

  • How are you receiving strength and power from a divine source? What ways have you felt this strength and power in your life?
  • How does your faith help you be resilient amidst challenges?
  • How does your faith empower you to make positive changes?
  • How are you influencing your family in a positive way?
  • How have you felt the positive impact of a family member or close friend?   
  • In what ways does your family impact your community?
  • How have other families influenced your family for good?
  • How can your family lift the burden an individual or family in your community?
  • How does this model ground you to the things that are most important?