Culture Article 6

We live and promote a Life Culture and environmental stewardship.

As women, we are the natural harbingers of human life. Because we have the innate potential to create human life, we understand that ALL life is unique and intrinsically valuable. Thus, we seek to safe-guard it whenever possible. An integral part of our Big Ocean ethos, “Life Culture” then, is an umbrella notion that pulls from many of our philosophical ideas. By definition, it is the cumulation of life affirming actions that begin to shape our social culture.

Every day, and every hour, we are each faced with many choices. As we tune into our internal compass, we are better equipped to make decisions that will benefit us and those around us  long-term. The life- affirming choices will also bring us internal abundance. The more of these choices we make, the more life-affirming actions will ensue. These actions can then begin to influence other individuals to follow suit, which inspires more and more contribution to life culture.  

Within Big Ocean we encourage individuals everywhere, whenever possible, to seek out non-violent paths not just within our human relationships, but also within our broader ecological world. As we more deliberately strive to incorporate our tenets and culture articles within our hearts and homes, there will be a natural expansion outward. This expansion and connection ultimately reaches our natural environment when we become aware that we hold a special relationship as earth stewards.

Discussion Questions

  • What does life culture look like to you?
  • What are some everyday choices you make to affirm life?
  • How is caring for your mind and body demonstrating life culture?
  • What are some thoughts and actions that are counter to life-culture?
  • How have humans, and other living things been stripped of dignity and worth?
  • How have life affirming choices you have made influenced someone else to do the same?