Tenet 1

Tenet 1We believe in God and are women of faith. 

We believe in God, and our faith in a higher power grounds us in hope for a better world.  We understand that our faith allows us the internal power and influence to effectively impact our external surroundings and world. It gives us a mentality of abundance (unity, purpose, and a positive outlook etc.) as we overcome challenges and hardship. We look first to heaven for guidance and then firmly move forward with charity and compassion. We carry children, families, communities, and nations upon our shoulders, and do so with great strength, courage, and optimism. Faith in God is the ultimate source internal power.

We recognize a power higher than ourselves, and we seek to be guided by that power. We trust that we will receive divine help no matter how challenging the circumstances. We believe that faith is a principle of action and power and that as we practice our faith, we will be led to solutions we would not obtain otherwise. We are an interfaith group and welcome and include women of various religions. You may choose to pray and fast together as cottages, or meet together in your holy places.

In Big Ocean Women we are not only a group of women that come together for conversation and activities, we seek to truly support each other in our daily lives. We believe prayer is a doorway to this kind of connection. Prayer in it’s many forms and expressions is as much an outward action as an inward. By focusing our thoughts, intents, and desires on our sisters worldwide we will find inspiration in ways to better support each other. You may choose to pray and fast together as cottages, or meet together in your holy places.

While Big Ocean Women supports on-the-ground advocacy and humanitarian efforts, we want to shine the light of our faith into the darkest of places – places that we may not be able to immediately reach through any other means but the power of our prayers and faith.  We want to send our love and light to those suffering as a result of child and human trafficking, gender-based violence, and women and children in war zones. We invite concerned women of faith everywhere to join with us in prayer for those suffering from these atrocities.

Discussion Questions

  • What are spiritual or religious practices in your community that uplift women and girls?
  • How can you share your thoughts and beliefs in a way that will uplift your community?
  • What are some cultural traditions that degrade women and girls?
  • How does that make you feel? How are young women and girls in your community affected by these harmful traditions?
  • What are ways in which you can draw attention to the good, as to inspire a better path away from harmful practices?
  • How do you draw closer to the divine power during hard times?
  • You are a woman of light, how can you share that light with others?