Tenet 2

TENET 2We are empowered by our feminine nature and biology, and we honor our procreative power.

We openly claim and embrace our feminine nature and biology.  These qualities are divine and foundational to humanity.  By striving to nurture our innate feminine qualities, we are empowered to bring about positive change in the world.  Our biological capacity to give life, and our feminine capacity to nurture and heal, connects generations of families and propels humanity and humanness forward.  Civilizations begin and grow because of our special nature, but crumble when misused and abused.  Thus, women, mothers, and allies must fiercely protect womanhood and motherhood.

As we govern our creative biological power, we honor our bodies and nurture them with the utmost care and respect.  Our potential to create life is powerful.  We understand virtue, and we consciously safeguard that which is so precious in ourselves.  We neither sell nor relinquish this capacity gratuitously.  We support policies that encourage and promote self-governance.  We believe that this is key to changing traditions of female degradation and violence.  We call on our worldwide sisterhood to join us as we declare that the cultural and/or institutionalized violation of moral principles and virtue, whether self-inflicted or other-imposed, will result in worldwide pain, violence, and deep sorrow.  We call upon worldwide friends to choose the higher path of self governance, and to share this path with others.

Discussion Questions

  • What are ways women in your community are discriminated against because of their biology?
  • What are ways grandmothers, mothers, and girls, can support one another as women?
  • How can you share our Big Ocean message that grandmothers, mothers, women, and girls are special and extremely valuable to society?
  • You are a woman, and you have the capacity to create life! What ways can you celebrate this truth with your community?