Tenet 4

TENET 4We seek after knowledge and wisdom. 

Knowledge is information gained through experience, reasoning, or acquaintance. It can be obtained formally through schooling and informally through within everyday life.  Big Ocean Women see the value of obtaining as much education as possible whether in a formal school setting, or in one’s everyday life and experiences. We encourage young women and girls to continue their quest for learning and knowledge because of the inherent joy and satisfaction that comes through study and learning, not to mention the external benefits that comes with developing skills that can benefit their livelihood and better their situation. We work to provide opportunities for our global sisters to attend school.

One service opportunity that women from Big Ocean have engaged in is the making of and distribution of feminine hygiene kits. This project, sponsored by the Days for Girls Foundation, makes it possible for girls who have started menstruating to continue going to school during their menstruation period instead of sitting in their homes on cardboard or sand.  Missing one week of school each month puts them at risk of falling too far behind to catch up.  Many drop out of school at this time.  With this kit, young women are now staying in school and graduating!  We are grateful to Days for Girls for this inspired program and the opportunity to participate with them. This is one simple way to get involved and make a difference.

We realize that many women and girls throughout the world do not have the opportunity for a formal education. Yet despite this unfortunate reality, wisdom is the highest form of knowledge and it is accessible to all. Through the help of our internal compass, we are able to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. It is achieved by uniting our internal compass (or conscience) together with our life experiences.  As wise women who combine our education with the guidance of our internal compasses, we will be ideally positioned to solve grievous wrongs in the world.  Nations will flourish because of our leadership.

Discussion Questions

  • How have you felt guided in your life?
  • How do you gain divine inspiration?
  • What is wisdom to you?
  • Identify someone you know who is wise. What makes them wise?
  • Why is wisdom important?
  • What wisdom have you learned through your life experiences?
  • How can you share your wisdom with younger generations?
  • How can you continue to learn wisdom in your life?