Tenet 5

5choicesWe are free to choose and willingly accept responsibility for our choices.

We understand that each choice we make has a ripple effect and can either build or destroy.  We seek and promote choices that affirm life and increase internal liberation.  Peaceful, life-affirming choices made through one’s internal compass will result in deep satisfaction and lasting joy.  Violent choices diminish our internal power, which can lead to sorrow and feelings of oppression.  Women should have the freedom to make wise and careful choices based on standards that reflect their faith and culture.  Women are empowered when they choose actions centered on the best interests of the rising generation.  This is the model through which intergenerational connections are maintained and strengthened, and a lasting legacy of life will continue.  We strive to consistently choose a higher path and accept the natural satisfaction and joyful consequences of such choices.

Earth Stewardship

Our life culture naturally extends to our physical and ecological world. We believe in the abundance that our earth has to offer, and that we are responsible to treat it with respect. We are aware of our real connection to Mother Earth and realize that our beautiful planet is a gift. As we incorporate values that sustain life, we will become increasingly mindful of our environment and make choices to be good stewards of the earth.

As mothers, we strive to pass on this understanding to our children and future generations, as we want to have beautiful, productive natural resources available for generations that follow us. We know that there is enough and to spare when we move from a place of gratitude, generosity, and mindfulness to all living things.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the choices you are faced with each day?
  • Regardless of your current situation, do you believe you are free to choose your thoughts and attitudes in life? Why or why not?  
  • Do you think anyone can take that away from you?
  • How is your situation improved by good choices? How are you harmed by poor choices?
  • How are others blessed by your good choices? How are others harmed by poor choices?
  • What are ways you can take charge of your thoughts and attitudes?
  • What might be the effects of your positive thoughts and attitudes within your home, community, and the world?