Tenet 7

TENET 7We follow our conscience in speaking and acting with integrity. 

We are true to our principles and courageously follow our internal compass and intuition.   When voicing these principles in the public and international arena, we do so with the utmost respect for those of differing views.  Our dignified approach is to never use forceful demands or compulsion.  We seek to inspire others through our character and example.  As we increase our internal power by following our internal compasses, we will inspire similar actions in others. This is our model of powerful impact.  We cultivate a solid and true sense of identity which then naturally influences our family; the family impacts the community; and the community impacts the world.  As women and mothers, when we foster integrity of character we ultimately impact generations for good. Every woman must have equal opportunity to courageously live by her own beliefs and principles and work towards policies that support them.

Having a pure heart

As we foster our internal power through Big Ocean philosophy, our hearts are pure and ready to work in unity. As we counsel together and work side by side, we find great joy, and we shed all desire for competition, personal gain, and self-interest. Our motives and purposes are elevated, and we find ourselves working together for a greater cause – our human family. Our pure hearts allow us to create greater collective unity.

Internal compass

Every person on this earth has an internal compass. It is anchored in truth and light, and it is a tool that influences us as often as we pay attention to it.  As we navigate through the challenges of our lives, we can call upon this gift at any time. When we understand something to be true, feel something to be right, or see with clarity the correct path to take, these are direct manifestations of our internal compass. Trusting in and following our internal compass is key because it anchors us in our internal power.

Discussion questions

  • What does it mean to have a voice?
  • What are some ways your family and community could improve? If you could, how would you improve it? Why?
  • What are some of your fears about sharing your thoughts and letting your voice be heard?? What would give you courage to share your ideas?
  • Brainstorm ways in which you, as a Big Ocean group, can strengthen one another to share your ideas in kind and thoughtful ways.
  • How might you share your beliefs and ideas in the private and public sphere?