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Our Guiding Principle

At Big Ocean Women, maternal feminism isn’t just a term—it’s our core belief and driving force. In today’s expansive landscape of feminism, we take pride in raising our voices for the deeply cherished values that define us. Our commitment to faith, family, and our maternal identities isn’t just a choice; it’s a passionate declaration of who we are and what we stand for in the vast discourse of societal conversation.

Mothering the World, One Ripple at a Time.

Embracing the Power of Motherhood in Every Form

At Big Ocean Women, we deeply believe in the unique leadership and transformative power that comes from women, mothers, and caregivers. Our impact starts from the heart and extends outward, creating ripples of positive change. Through maternal feminism, we not only embrace the biological role of motherhood but also celebrate the relational aspects of 'mothering.' Whether it's the nurturing touch of an aunt, the wisdom of a sister, the support of a daughter, or the bond with a friend, we honor every form of 'mothering' that women offer globally.

Unity in Depth: Beyond Waves, We're an Ocean.

More Than Just a Wave: The Deep Roots of Big Ocean Women

Founded by Carolina Sagebin Allen, the name 'Big Ocean Women' mirrors the profound vision she held - of women coming together, not just as a temporary wave but as an expansive and enduring ocean. While waves may signify momentary movements, an ocean symbolizes depth, unity, and an enduring strength. Within this vast ocean, maternal feminism finds its philosophical anchor. Here, women from diverse backgrounds, faiths, and experiences find a space of mutual respect and validation. While we may not always concur on every detail, we thrive on finding our shared values and molding the future in unity. Join us in this journey of shared purpose and collective action.

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