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Cottage Report May 2016

April 27, 2016

Big Ocean cottage members have been busy engaging in local and international causes.  Links to a few of the organizations cottages have recently helped with are:

Launfal Foundation

Serve a Village

Raise your Hand Foundation

Safety Net

Days for Girls

Liahona Children’s Foundation

Operation Underground Railroad


Recently, a cottage in Utah took the opportunity to attend a private pre-screening of the documentary, The Abolitionists.  This film chronicles the efforts of Operation Underground Railroad in rescuing trafficked children around the world.  Big Ocean members were able to meet and take pictures with those involved in the film.  They plan to help promote it through social media or volunteering as a theater champion or the upcoming release in May.  At the end of the showing, one member responded, “You can’t not see this.”  Everyone came away as committed Abolitionists.


Big Ocean cottages are also focusing on education.  At cottage meetings in February, we discussed Comprehensive Sexuality Education, coordinating with Worldwide Organization for Women, Family Watch International, and American Mothers to become educated on policies that are being considered locally and across the world.   We are learning how to become an active voice in pursuing what’s best for our children.   


After our trip to the UN CSW 60, we took some time to share with other cottage members what is happening internationally.  Read about it here. We shared some small steps we can take to become proactive.  One new member shared, “I’m so grateful and excited about what I learned and felt.”  

This month, we took a more in depth look at the many different veins of feminism with a special emphasis on maternal feminism.  Knowledge is power and we are committed to learning what is necessary to promote and support faith, family, and motherhood.