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This article is one in a series of the “Young Voices of Big Ocean.” These articles were written by teens who believe in faith, family, and motherhood. This article was written by Olivia, who is 12 years old.

My faith and the things I believe in are important to me. They are real to me. I like to share what I think and feel with those around me, because it is who I am. I hope I can live in a world were people can be true to who they are and we can be okay with being different. I love to meet new people and hear about where they come from and what they believe in.
I hope that our country can always have religious freedom because when we are able to share what we think and really believe, it can help us not to be bottled up and fight and start wars.
My faith makes me happy. It brings me peace. It makes my life better. I know if I do something wrong, God loves me anyway. This helps me try to be good, and being good makes me feel good. People think and act in different ways. Sometimes we disagree, but we can still live and work together on things we agree on.
We need to be true to who we are, listen each other, and work together to help each other in our communities. I hope I can meet lots of people from all over the world of different religions. I can see that they care and want to be better and help those around them.
I hope I can always be grateful for our freedom of religion because I think its such a powerful way to help our world be a great place to live.