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Category: Young Voices of Big Ocean

Interdependent Family

November 13, 2016

This article is one in a series of the “Young Voices of Big Ocean.” These articles were written by teens who believe in faith, family, and motherhood. This article was written by Eden, who is 14 years old.

Interdependent Family

A little while ago, my family had a crazy day. My sister and I had to make homemade gifts for our secret santas at our dance studio, so we decided to sew rice bags. We had gone to the fabric store and chosen what we thought was the perfect material to make them out of.

My mom had to make a salad, dressing, brownies, chocolate sauce, and caramel for an activity she had that evening. My mom spent all day making food while I sewed the rice bags.

When I struggled and yelled at the sewing machine, my mom would come over and help, even though she was very busy. By the time my mom left for her activity, the kitchen was a complete disaster. There were scraps of fabric and thread all over the floor, there was a wet, charred piece of fabric laying in the sink (it turns out my rice bag fabric was actually very flammable), and caramel and chocolate were smeared all over the counter along with bits of lettuce. Bags of material spilled their contents all over the table and the sink was overflowing with pots and pans.

It looked like an unconquerable mess, but I remembered how my mom had helped me, even though she was busy, and so I plunged right in. When my mom came home, the kitchen was clean and I was happy that I had been able to serve her.

In my family, we rely on each other in most everything. My siblings and I count on our mom and dad to help us with math, piano, reading, speech and debate, tech support, and so much more. Likewise, my parents know that we can help around the house if they need.

When you depend on someone and they help you, then you will feel grateful for them. And, as in my case, you’ll likely serve them, causing them to be grateful and help you more, which creates a wonderful cycle of gratitude, service, interdependence, and happiness.

What is interdependence? Think of an ideal marriage. A man and woman divide tasks, both taking on many responsibilities and helping each other. They depend on one another and know that somebody always has their back. That is interdependence.

When my family is interdependent and we work together, there is more peace, love, and service in our home. Our household also runs more smoothly and efficiently when everybody is pitching in to get things done.

My life becomes much more secure and meaningful when I know that my family always has my back. Even on my hardest days, knowing that I have someone to rely on can make all the difference.

Interdependence is one reason why families are so important. In order to be successful and happy, we must learn to be able to accept help and rely on others. Families are the best way to learn to be interdependent; and I’m so glad that I’m learning in mine.

eden-bio-picMy name is Eden. I have been homeschooling since first grade. I love to read, write, sing, and play the piano. I also enjoy ballet, speech and debate, and hiking. Last April, I traveled to Nepal and hiked the Everest Base Camp Trek. I love to experience new cultures! When I grow up I want to be a photojournalist and freelance writer. I also want to be a mom, of course!