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Ride the WAVE of Change

Discover Local and Virtual Opportunities to Dive Deeper into Big Ocean Women

Waves of Connection

Local, Virtual, or Lead - Your Journey with Big Ocean Women Awaits

At Big Ocean Women, our WAVES are more than just groups - they're platforms of empowerment and collaboration. Choose to dive in locally, connect globally from the comfort of your home, or take the helm and begin a wave of change in your community. No matter your location or preference, there's a WAVE calling out to you. Let's amplify our collective strength and create ripples of transformation.

Local WAVE

Join a Big Ocean WAVE in your area. You can find out if there is a Big Ocean WAVE near you by emailing our WAVE Committee. They will happily connect you to a local WAVE whenever possible.

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Virtual WAVE

If there is no local WAVE in your area, the virtual WAVE is a great way to get connected to the global Big Ocean Community. We hold these meetings via Zoom every month on the first Wednesday at 11:00 am MDT.

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Start a Local WAVE

Eager to unite like-minded women in your community? Become a WAVE Leader and initiate your own WAVE. Begin by attending our Virtual WAVE meetings. Our WAVE Committee provides all the training and resources to empower your leadership in the Big Ocean movement. Contact them at:

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Explore Our Global Reach

Mapping Big Ocean Women Waves Around the World

Dive into our interactive map to discover the vast expanse of Big Ocean Women’s impact. From local communities to global connections, see how our WAVES are shaping futures and making ripples of positive change. Whether you're seeking a local group or curious about our global presence, our map is your gateway.


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Ride the Wave of Change

Become Part of the Big Ocean Women Movement

Every ripple begins with a single motion. Your involvement can be the catalyst that inspires, informs, and serves communities worldwide. Dive into a journey of empowerment, collaboration, and purpose with Big Ocean Women. Whether you're looking to donate, join a local WAVE, or simply learn more, there's a place for you in this grand tide.

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