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Knowledge is information acquired through study, logic and reasoning. It can be obtained many ways. From formal schooling, to more informal, everyday interactions and life experiences.

As Big Ocean Women, we see the value of obtaining as much education as possible whether in a formal school setting, or in one’s everyday life and experiences. We encourage young women and girls to continue their quest for learning and knowledge, not only for better economic, social, and psychological advantages, but also because of the inherent joy and satisfaction that comes from lifelong learning. Therefore, we advocate and work to provide opportunities for our global sisters everywhere to attend school.

We realize, however, that not every woman and girl will have the opportunity to receive a formal education. Yet despite this unfortunate reality, we can take comfort that wisdom is accessible to all. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the accumulation of life experience through the lens of abundance. Since we all have the innate power to choose the lens of abundance from which to see the world, we all have access to wisdom. Wisdom is a legitimate form of knowledge. In fact, Big Ocean Women believe it is the highest possible form of knowledge.

As the wise woman, Maya Angelou, once said, “You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot–it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try and make sure that my experiences are positive.” Wisdom is therefore achieved by uniting our internal compass (or conscience) together with our life experiences, through allowing our internal compass to direct our thoughts and actions daily. In time we accumulate a wealth of light-filled experiences and a wealth of essential knowledge and wisdom from which to draw.

That is why, as Big Ocean Women, we so value and cherish the wisdom passed on through our elders. We honor their lifelong contributions and seek their counsel and help. We live in a disjointed world where our elders have been forgotten, often disregarded as the essential lifelines that keep us grounded in a generative worldview. In these modern times, few realize the wealth of knowledge our elders and ancestors possess. We are foolish to believe we know more than they, and can maneuver through life successfully without them.

As Big Ocean women anchored in knowledge and wisdom, we look to those who have gone on before us. We draw nourishment from our roots so to strengthen and grow our branches. As wise women, we seek to combine our formal learning with the guidance of our internal compasses. As we do this, we will be ideally positioned to lead and guide future generations through our leadership.

Questions to consider about Tenet 8:

  • How have you felt guided in your life?
  • How do you gain divine inspiration?
  • What is wisdom to you?
  • Identify someone you know who is wise. What makes them wise?
  • Why is wisdom important?
  • What wisdom have you learned through your life experiences?
  • How can you share your wisdom with younger generations?
  • How can you continue to gain wisdom in your life?