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The Light of Big Ocean

August 30, 2016

Message from the Board, August 2016

We are at a crucial time in history. All around us we see women seeking to influence society at every level and in most cultural settings throughout the world. Never has there been such emphasis on giving women a voice and encouraging us to stand in our power to change the views, the culture, and the laws of society. At the same time, there are attempts to marginalize a particular group of women who also want their voices heard, as mothers, as women within families, and as women of faith.

In the clamor that is around us of competing messages, let us not forget how powerful we are, how we have a right as divine daughters to exercise great influence. When we discern darkness around us, messages that threaten that special awareness of our divinity, it is easy to become enmeshed and respond with darkness too. Our greatest objectives are all about enlightenment, spreading light, sharing positive messages. In a darkened room, if we add more darkness all we will do is increase the density of the darkness. On the other hand, if we simply switch on the lights then darkness cannot remain. It is impossible for darkness to co-exist with light: the brighter the light, the more darkness is dispelled.

If we are truly to make a difference then we are about shedding that light. How do we do this? It begins within us. We need to fill ourselves with positive messages, with hope, love and optimism. Are we individual women who carry light? It starts in our personal relationships and within our own homes. We are then ready to shed that light further within our immediate communities and finally to the wider world. Big Ocean Women are about being bearers of light, bearers of positive and exciting ideas. As we join together, that light can only grow brighter and brighter in strength and intensity.

So join your light with ours! Cottage meetings to come are about how to communicate our positivity to the world around us. We look forward to seeing you.

Marianne Downing

Secretary, Big Ocean