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A Dip into Currents: Nicholeen Peck Shares about Parenting and Self Government featured img
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A Dip into Currents: Nicholeen Peck Shares about Parenting and Self Government

June 28, 2024

If you haven’t yet discovered “Currents: A Podcast by Big Ocean Women,” then you’ll definitely want to tune in. It is a wonderful way to fill your mind and life with goodness as you go about your day.

In these newsletter articles, I will share highlights from amazing guests on the Currents Podcast.

This month, in connection with our focus on the power of choice, I’m highlighting Episode 1.7, an interview with Nicholeen Peck done by Shelli Spotts and Alicia Christensen.

Nicholeen is an author, CEO, and thought leader in teaching self government. In this episode she shared many gems (which is why you will want to listen to the episode). I’ll highlight three here.

Nicholeen explained what self governance is by breaking it down into four simple steps:

  1. Analyze the situation or challenge
  2. Make a plan
  3. Take deliberate action
  4. Communicate effectively throughout that process

This process can be used in very practical ways, from getting groceries for the week or figuring out the swim team schedule to completing a math assignment.

Intentionally teaching this process is critical for self growth and is foundational in learning about the importance of governing our choices and actions. Nicholeen shared, “This may just seem like maturing, but there are a whole lot of people in the world who have not learned to do that yet.”

Another important foundation to teach our children and practice ourselves is a basic “skill set.” These skills are essentials for every child, and adult for that matter, to demonstrate in order to be effective in a group setting, from an elementary school classroom to an executive boardroom and a family visit at the park to a service mission trip in another country.

The four essential skill sets are:

  1. Following directions
  2. Accepting “no” answers and criticism
  3. Accepting consequences
  4. Disagreeing appropriately

A third motivating teaching Nicholeen shared that can help each of us in understanding and exercising our power to choose is what she calls, “The Power of Calm.” She emphasizes that calmness is power, not passivity. It is a deliberate choice. Knowing how and choosing to be calm when someone else isn’t is a skill with the power to change individuals, relationships, families, and communities.

And that’s a central focus of Big Ocean Women.

This episode contains so many other practical insights and tools, including how to strengthen the positive impact your words can have on others, particularly your children. Nicholeen described this as one of the greatest things she has ever learned in her life. You will definitely want to check out the episode!