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As we honor our feminine biology and procreative power, it is vital that we recognize that we are so much more than our physical bodies. Poet Carol Lynn Pearson maintains that body and spirit together comprise a woman’s soul.


Love beyond
The Mortal me.
Oh, love the whole.

Look –
This body
(In God’s own plan)
Is only half
My soul.

The Big Ocean Women media files from our recent participation at the U.N. gathering in NYC include a video of our founder, Carolina Allen, brilliantly sharing this spiritually-based and biologically-completed model of women. Intrigued, I asked her about it. She could not remember the conversation, but it wasn’t a formal presentation. This leads me to believe that her passion about our power and gifts as women has become such an innate part of her feminine nature that she shares it often and nearly automatically. If you are new to this concept, you will likely find it memorable and inspiring. Note especially her laser-like focus on teaching her daughters to be good mothers, thus preparing them to teach her granddaughters in a continuing wave of empowering love. Hover over link below to watch: 

@CSW – Carolina on motherhood – 2024

Big Ocean Women has expanded the reach of this wave. We have applauded and supported women who choose to bear children, educated girls on the natural process of menstruation and partnered with others to provide reusable menstrual supplies to keep them in school during their periods, and provided safe places for them to meet and learn marketable skills to improve opportunities and safety for the rising generation. In this work, we are all united as mothers. Our tenet resources state, “every woman who has the best interest of the rising generation at heart, and willingly gives of herself to nourish and protect the rising generation is a mother.” 

Our bodies are fashioned for feeding, nurturing, and sustaining goodness. The world may view our bodies lustfully or critically, but we recognize they are miraculous and God-given: we nourish babies, children, husbands, and the world. Again, Pearson masterfully celebrates the majesty and purpose of this feminine nature and biology. I invite you to write your own poems through demonstrating and teaching the power of our feminine nature and biology.

The Woman

God fashioned me
For feeding,
And set me in
A hungry land.

I give –
To satisfy
The unconscious appetite
Of the unborn,
And the child’s
First thirsting need.

I give –
To be
Sweet sustenance
To aching man,
And then
Quiet comfort
To a weary, wanting

There is much
Hunger here.

Father – fill me,
That I may nourish

Poems from The Search, Pearson, Carol Lynn, Press Publishing Company, 1970
Lead photo credit: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash