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Elisabeth Weagel Johnson

Elisabeth Weagel Johnson is a desert flower who recently transplanted herself from New Mexico to Minnesota to be closer to her now-husband, Andrew. Andrew and Elisabeth were married in January of 2019 beneath the Albuquerque sun surrounded by people they love. Elisabeth describes herself as being overly passionate about too many things. She studied film at King’s College London and is now an independent scholar who is immersed in projects related to media literacy and religion/folklore and film. She also loves food and after working as a chef and baker she recently opened a small bakery of her own called Rosemary and Lavender. She and Andrew love music and sing with the Rochester Symphony Chorale. Elisabeth feels privileged to be part of Big Ocean Women. She is inspired by the model of powerful impact and fostering a culture of abundance. They remind her that however small we may feel, each of us can have an impact on this world that no one else can.

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