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Big Ocean Women – South Sudan Cottage Report

February 26, 2022

Visit to the Orphanage 12/2021

The South Sudan Juba Orphanage was established in 1960, making it the oldest orphanage in the country. Currently, it is the home of over 60 children.  The orphanage is under the Central Equatoria State Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare. 

The orphanage does not have funders, so support to provide food, pay caretakers, and school fees for the children comes from well-wishers, good Samaritans, staff from organizations, women’s groups, youth groups, and musicians.

One of their achievements is having some of the children graduating from the university and some enrolling to the universities which really has a positive impact in the society. 

The Big Ocean Women South Sudan Cottage visited the orphanage and had a meeting with the director, introducing Big Ocean Women. He was very pleased that the Big Ocean Women thought of supporting the orphanage and asked God to bless the women in all their doings in the new year. He expressed hope that this should not be both the first and last time to visit.

Before purchasing the materials, two of the members went to the orphanage to assess the needs of the children so that we would purchase the right things that would support the children at the orphanage. Following their advice, we managed to buy:

  1. Maize flour 
  2. Rice 
  3. Sugar 
  4. Washing soap 
  5. Powdered soap  
  6. Tea leaves 
  7. Wheat flour 
  8. Milk 
  9. Baking powder
  10. Cooking oil 
  11. Lentils 
  12. Salt 
  13. Spaghetti 

For the adolescent girls to help with their hygiene:  

  1. Sanitary towels 
  2. Tooth paste
  3. Tooth brushes
  4. Bathing soap 
  5. Deodorant   

Five of the South Sudan Cottage members were able to visit the orphanage led by the vice president:

  1. Acayo Nancy Cirino
  2. Juan Marina Modi 
  3. Ayey Madut 
  4. Itiya Viola
  5. Diana Hope 

Though we wanted to spend some time with the children, due to Corona and end-of-year events at the orphanage, we didn’t get the time but hopefully we shall go back to the orphanage.

Group photo of the Big Ocean members with the director of the Orphanage.  Angelo Kenyi on the left followed by Nancy Cirino (vice president ), Viola Itiya, Juan Marina, Diana Hope, and Ayey Madut