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A few other members of Big Ocean’s media team and I had the opportunity to go to the Certain Women Art Show in Salt Lake City this past fall. This exhibit featured art from 90 faith-filled women from all over the country. Mary Brickey, an organizer of the event as well as a Big Ocean team member, gave us a tour of the exhibit. The artists were asked to share a purpose statement for their own life, through their art. A quote from the show’s mission statement, “Knowing our voices are stronger together than apart. We unite our voices in order to amplify our influence,” embodies the value of an abundant mindset in our Big Ocean community. 

The show was incredible!  It was filled with powerful messages through many different mediums such as oil, cut paper, mixed media, bronze, acrylic and stained glass. Mary also won the Zion Art Society award for her own piece called “I Am,” a gorgeous stained glass piece depicting the strength of a woman, as well as her dependence on her higher power. Her art is a beautiful representation of the abundance we can create in our lives when we are connected to our higher power. More art from Mary can be found here

Being at the exhibit was inspiring, but it also brought about an intense feeling of scarcity. I began to compare myself and my own artwork to these women. As I have been reflecting on abundance, I realize one of the fastest ways for me to go into a scarcity mindset is comparison. I felt like I had little to offer to the art world and began to wonder why I should keep trying. “I don’t have the time or money to invest in refining my skills,” or “I didn’t start early in life, and now I have children so I’m far too busy to create the art I want to” were the kind of thoughts that came home with me that day. I noticed that the more I compared my level of skill to those amazing artists, the more I experienced a scarcity “snowball effect.” One thought compounded on top of another. Defeating thoughts I have allowed to stay with me have brought no change in my skill and very little time has been set aside to paint. 

If I would have had a more abundant mindset, I would have taken note that many of the artists are mothers and probably have as much time as I do to create. Yet their commitment to put aside time to practice their skills should have been inspiring, not crushing. I know my higher power wants me to strengthen my talents to lift and inspire others. If that truly is His desire, He will work with me to create time to paint. That is abundance to me. To create with the Creator. If I am in line with His will, there will always be enough money, time and skill to accomplish what He asks of me. There will always be enough AND I will always be enough.

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