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Continuing Aid for Refugees

January 27, 2022

Big Ocean Women and friends for the cause donated resources to assist another family who recently arrived in Utah from Afghanistan!

The Emami family with 11 members exited Afghanistan on August 23, 2021, from the Kabul airport amidst chaos and confusion, and were flown to Qatar in the first leg of their journey.  Weeks later as refugees, they were flown to Fort Dix in New Jersey, where they continued the vetting process. In January 2022 all 11 members of the Emami family arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the International Rescue Committee welcomed them and assists them with the preliminary process of transition to live here in America. 

Because of the large number of refugees entering the state of Utah, available resources sometimes are spread thin. Refugees sometimes enter the country with only the clothes on their backs. This is where Big Ocean Women and other organizations such as Lifting Hands International, Stitching Hearts Worldwide, other refugees who have been in similar situations and other partners, can be there to help fill in some of the emergency gaps.  Clothing, personal items and home cooked food are an example of things that can ease the anxiety of coming to a new country, culture and community. 

Our organization will continue to assist refugee families as they come into Utah.

We are supporting our new friends with the following: emergency winter clothing, hygiene supplies and household items, as well as lending a hand with resume building, job hunting, skills development, transportation when needed, help maneuvering around the city (grocery shopping etc.) and just offering them genuine friendship. It’s a very special human touch when so often they feel shuttled through very cold and frustrating systems that are already so stretched. That’s what Big Ocean Women are known for! 

Here are 3 ways to help! 

1. Donate! Especially if you are not in Utah. Every dollar is stretched. We look for good deals and shop with specific needs in mind. Go Here, or on Facebook!

2. Fundraise for this cause! Share their stories, ask friends to donate. 

3. If you are in Utah, be a drop off location for your area. Coordinate within your circles for new or gently used items each family needs. Sort through and bag clothing and goods. Deliver items. 

4. If you’d like to get more involved and receive more specific training in some of the other ways we serve, (which include help with resumes, job hunting, skills development, transportation when needed, help maneuvering around the city, and English classes) please contact Lisa Fielding at

We can’t do it without you! You are each making a huge difference!! Thank you!!

Holly Sweeten and Carolina Allen with her family and some of the Emami family