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Cottage Industry: Houston Rides Again

March 3, 2020

Houston rides again! Following up on their “Screenagers” event in April 2019, January saw this dynamic cottage bringing Collin Kartchner from to discuss the connection between social media and screen addiction to the rise in teens’ mental health ailments and declining self-esteem. The event, marked by mammoth fund-raising efforts and a partnership with a local Baptist church, garnered over 700 participants.

The Houston Cottage members saddled up to address an alarming rise in academic distraction, teen anxiety, depression, bullying, and suicides. The goal was to present families with resources to create their own tech plan. Organizers were happy with the results. The morning after the event, they posted this on their social media site:

When we started the Houston Cottage just over a year ago, we knew it was a great idea to join forces as women for good. We had a great evening last night and are so happy to have worked tirelessly to make it happen. The kids who attended said it was different than they expected, they felt such a positive energy and everything @collinkartchner said was true! One young man said Collin’s style was spot on – facts and research to support information yet so funny that everyone was fully engaged. We genuinely want to bring light to our community and our goal was to bring attention to this important concern along with the resources for people to make better choices. Thanks Collin for helping us propel this conversation forward!

And they’re not getting off the horse just yet. As part of their community technology efforts, the Houston Cottage has formed an ongoing collaboration with a local school district to use technology effectively and safely in furthering student goals.

Thanks, Houston Cottage, for being a Model of Powerful Impact and working with other like-minded women to create Generative Solutions.

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