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Cottage Industry. That’s a term used to describe a business conducted from home. We’d like to put a Big-Ocean twist on the term:  the diligent work done in various Big Ocean cottages around the world and in cyberspace. A Big Ocean Cottage is a local group of like-minded women who meet regularly to discuss and act upon Big Ocean tenets.  As maternal feminists we gather and work diligently to inspire, inform, and serve.

Beginning this month, we will share how the efforts of cottages are growing and changing lives globally. We are calling this report “Cottage Industry.” The best news is YOU can be part of the industry in such a cottage. Learn more here.

Some members at an outdoor cottage meeting in Liberia

Just as the cottages we call homes vary in size and features, our cottages range from a relatively new group discussing our values and tenets outdoors in Liberia and women in Nigeria introducing themselves at a virtual cottage meeting to a more-established cottage pooling their talents and resources (combined with generous local business donors) to raise over $6,000 for a women’s shelter/rape crisis center. All are part of a global sisterhood supporting and learning from each other as they stand for faith, family, and motherhood.

Leaders of the Provo Cottage and the Provo Student Cottage at their Spring Fling fundraiser.

Mara Holloman, a Big Ocean executive team member who oversees our cottages, explained, “Cottages are incredible because they become a tribe of like-minded women in our own communities.  This tribe grows together in the philosophy of maternal feminism and working together to create real change in their communities and the world.”

Nigerian Cottage Leader during a virtual cottage.

If there is no local cottage in your area, the virtual cottage is a great way to get connected to the global Big Ocean Community. We hold these meetings monthly via Zoom. Check out our Facebook page or email to get the link. 

Watch next month for more insights on Big Ocean’s Cottage Industry. Be sure you are subscribed to our newsletter!

Video of Spring Fling from Provo Cottage