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Cottage Spotlight – Houston Cottage

October 1, 2020

The Houston Cottage recently had the opportunity to help support Family Promise, a local nonprofit group for homeless families. The cottage was able to assist with publicity and volunteering at a fundraiser.

The Family Promise annual fundraiser, normally held in the spring, was canceled this year due to COVID. A new fundraising opportunity presented itself shortly thereafter. After the local builders’ association’s annual home sale fundraiser was also canceled because of COVID, they offered all of the sale items to Family Promise.  Wholesale, surplus and miscellaneous home items from local builders and designers were transported to a local church for a large two-day sale. See video for additional information.

Here are some of the other projects Houston Cottage have done this past year:

In November/December, they supported the Jos Nigeria Cottage, their sister cottage, in fundraising for resources of self-sufficiency. They also made bookmarks and notes for the widows.

In January, they raised funds and hosted the Save the Kids event, with Colin Kartchner.

In April, they wrote and sent hundreds of letters for young women and women being trafficked, to be given during interventions to help them out of the lifestyle they have been in.

Thanks for all you do Houston Cottage!