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Currents April 2020

March 27, 2020

Currents of hope and gratitude burst from our authors’ pens this month, Norma notes. Yes, Current events are especially troublesome. We women who carry our entire world wherever we go may naturally feel weighed down as we face COVID-19 with its many ramifications. There is no denying it has brought chaos to our lives–physically, socially, psychologically, and financially. But faith and hope shed comforting light and love on us during these unsettling times.

Shelli spots a cheerful crocus growing in an unkempt corner of her yard; Rebekah reviews and resets her central life goals after the painful loss of her mom; Pat portrays Dayo’s exuberant message of hope in her moving video; Lisa describes the power of compassion and willingness to sacrifice to save lives; Camilla shares a touching story of a civil rights activist-mom breaking down racial barriers; and Norma shares how a young woman reminded her that there is power in individuals to change the world.

In good times and especially in bad times, Big Ocean Women seek to create a life culture within the womb, the home, and our ecological environment. Won’t you join us in sharing your rays of light to brighten the world?