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Currents August 2023

July 29, 2023

I recently returned from a brief weekend away with my two sisters. While the trip was short and located relatively close to our respective homes, we enjoyed the vacation immensely. It was therapeutic to connect with each other while leaving our daily responsibilities behind. 

This is what I love about families – they provide a resource for connection, healing, peace, and joy. Granted, we same sisters have also provided plenty of annoyance, interruptions, and pain over the years, much to the chagrin of our parents. Ultimately, though, those negative experiences were short-lived and we are blessed with a beautiful connection.

Photo Credit: Bethany Hillary

I recognize that this is not always the case with siblings, or families in general. In fact, what prompted us to go on this weekend adventure was the observation of some particular siblings around us who did not have that connection. Seeing them treat one another with anger and distrust, my sisters and I came together and decided to work to keep our relationship friendly and loving. This is something that is common among positive family relationships, I believe – the willingness to work toward something good.

Our authors this month highlight the beautiful variety of families and different ways that they are cultivated. For instance, Kaylee details how her family works together to create a home. NiCole shows how years of effort and love can lead to lovely and rewarding results, and Shelli provides a beautiful comparison of trees and families. We see the beauty of families in how Norma describes the comfortingly familiar nature of families. Emily and Lisa both provide unique insights on how choices benefit individuals and families.

Whatever the makeup of your unique family, I hope that you can find some inspiration through these articles to help build up the loving and nurturing qualities in your home.