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Currents May 2020

April 28, 2020

While so much is changing in the world as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, so much is still able to stay the same. We were unable to travel to the U.N. and have our workshop there, but we were able to create an online summit with help from our friends. If you missed the “Many Waves, One Ocean Summit,” you can find access to two of the presentations in this month’s articles. Please watch for the rest of those presentations to be made available in the future.

Cottages have also had to be creative with how they are meeting, but one meeting “place” hasn’t changed – that of our virtual cottage. Norma shares how you, too, can be involved. We are also asking for everyone to join in the #GivingTuesdayNow campaign on May 5th to raise money to help those who are hurting from the effects of COVID-19. Our cottage leaders in Africa have asked for aid to be able to help their members and communities, and we would love to help them. A lockdown for them is not Netflix binging, but an increase in food insecurity. Any small donation will be real help for women around the globe.

I love the discussion for May, our Fifth Tenet wherein we find this truth: “As women, we are distinct and different from men. Our contributions, however, are equally valuable and essential. It is with confidence that we claim and embrace our unique feminine nature and biology. We believe that every woman who has the best interest of the rising generation at heart, and willingly gives of herself to nourish and protect the rising generation, is a mother.” In this month’s newsletter, Rebekah shares about how this helped her to find a home in Big Ocean Women after having experienced it first hand in her life. Our Pat Frandsen’s son, Stephen, shares a video honoring his wife and the strength of all mothers. Shelli shares her feelings as she remembers adventures shared and watches childhood come to an end in her home, and the stories of two young mothers making hard choices for their unborn children help us all learn how to be more supportive and loving.

In our Meet Big Ocean feature this month, Shelli introduces us to Aleisha who has joined the communications committee of Big Ocean Women with a full heart and willing hands. We are so thankful for her, and all of the volunteers that keep this organization running!