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The holiday season is upon us. This year has both sped by and dragged on. Everyone has felt some sort of change in their lives either directly or indirectly from the COVID-19 Pandemic. And so we look to the future and to the past as we usually do as the year draws to a close. Hopefully we are finding things to be thankful for and things to look forward to. Perhaps we can take this time to evaluate what is going on in our lives and what should be happening and make sure that is in better alignment.

We are excited for our Giving Tuesday campaign to kick off. Watch for more information on Social Media and our podcast! Remember, every drop helps!

This month’s newsletter is focused on the Model of Powerful Impact. We are excited to introduce a woman who embodies this tenet, Holly Sweeten. Perhaps in your thinking of things for which you are grateful your mind will linger on people who have impacted your life greatly in seemingly simple ways. You might think of a teacher, as Kathy did, or you might have friendly people in your neighborhood who spread cheer like those that Norma shared about. You might think of friends with whom you have built caring bonds as you’ve helped each other through hard times and been inspired by their living examples of goodness as Rebekah did. Your gratitude might include being thankful for things you take for granted that can be life changing for someone else such as a sewing machine or a menstrual hygiene kit as we see in the video and article that Pat shared and maybe you’ll feel inclined to donate to this worthy cause. Your heart may be filled with joy in remembering the powerful influence of your mother as Shelli has expressed. I hope that wherever your mind wanders, you find joy in your memories and hope in your future, and form a resolve to use your time and talents to be an example of powerful impact.