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Category: Women of Wisdom
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Currents September 2021

August 27, 2021

Gathering Wisdom

This month as we seek to gather knowledge and wisdom, may I suggest we examine the power of gathering with others? Such a gathering was our Big Ocean Women Retreat last month. The synergy created by combining women with diverse ideas, knowledge, and talents enriched each participant. In addition to the roughly forty women who attended in person, we were thrilled to have global sisters join us online. Our remarkable board members had created matching shirts that everyone, including those global sisters, wore. Distant cottage members also gathered in their own locations to eat, share, and learn. Videos and links were provided to those who couldn’t attend in real time. We laughed, ate, served, learned, ate some more, etc. This reluctant participant was richly rewarded by gathering with strong, caring women.

We invite you to gather with us, here and now, as Pat gives a video review of the retreat, Lisa crochets her way to learning for service, Lyn shares myriad thoughts on learning, Michelle describes being a woman of knowledge, and new author, Emily, relates knowledge to seeds and volcanos. Kaloni and Norma describe the need to listen and respect others’ views for complete wisdom, and Shelli speaks of sharing our knowledge like a bumper crop of tomatoes. Please turn your good intentions to action and donate NOW as we gather pennies to fund school for children in Nigeria for just one penny a day. We also share another gathering, a prayer vigil, to stand with our Afghan friends facing unspeakable danger, fear, and suffering. Gather with us; seek knowledge and wisdom.