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Category: Women of Wisdom

Currents September 2022

August 29, 2022

What does it mean to you to seek after knowledge and wisdom? Sometimes we think of the time spent in school, or returning to college to complete a degree or start a new adventure in learning. Sometimes we think of sitting at the knee of a wise grandmother, or working in the kitchen or garden or workshop with a mother or friend. Sometimes it is the image of searching through a library or a web search or sitting down with a book to read and a notebook to record what is found and felt as that reading is done. Sometimes we come to a new understanding in the stillness of pondering, alone in a place where peace and truth can find room in the heart and mind that otherwise may be too busy to recognize the power of a thought. All of these ideas have something in common: the desire to learn and understand and the work of being there and doing what it takes to learn.

This month we have beautiful insights from our authors that help us look at our tenet from many different perspectives. Kaylee brings us some fun insights from the “mouths of babes.” Norma imparts the wisdom she gained in learning to understand the importance of listening and how our relationships become what we focus on. Shelli reminisces about life experiences that keep us busy and the need to give ourselves time to pause. Katrina shares about the different times and seasons in life and being a lifelong learner. Melanie bravely tells about her experience with post-partum anxiety and encourages those who have similar experiences to get help and not feel ashamed. Emily brings us a spotlight on the Houston Cottage, and I point out from my experiences the difference between being a beginner and a master.

Some questions to ponder this month:

What is my attitude toward learning new things?

What do I think when I hear an opinion that is different from my own? Am I open to understanding what life experiences have led to this?

Do I work to find truth?

Do I want to learn something that might make me question previously held beliefs? 

If I find something new to myself to be true, am I willing to change to live that truth?

What can I learn about or create to make the world a more beautiful place?