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Dayo’s Dose of Wisdom: Create a Shield of Faith

December 27, 2019

“Stand together with another sister. Find a tribe. Don’t belong, but become one with the tribe.
In the power and the spirit of standing in unity, we begin to create a shield of faith against the
onslaught of everything that comes to take away from us the dignity and the decency of who we
are, as lights shining in our world, in such a dark time, gross darkness as this.
There may be gross darkness; but the light shining out of darkness shall cause kings to come to
you. And your rising—it is an uprising in the right direction. It’s not militant, but it has a
militancy, by the grace and election and the calling of who we are as women, as mothers, as
sisters in one tribe, as daughters of faith in one generation.
It’s about defending the unity and upholding the honor and glory of a global nation, of a global
pedigree, as women of who we are, interlocked by faith and by conviction with our generation
and our humanity.”