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Dayo’s Dose of Wisdom: We are Each Unique and Worthy of Respect featured img
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Dayo’s Dose of Wisdom: We are Each Unique and Worthy of Respect

January 30, 2020

I am basically what you see in my eyes; can you see that? If you can, then what you see in there tells you a whole lot more stories about what I am not telling you. In other words, there is a little girl in there that has been hurt, challenged, afraid when her parents got divorced and sometimes, I’m still, (even at this age of my12), trying to bring her out of that place of challenged identity. But I had to be deliberate and intentional about choosing to make myself happy.

And finally, let me celebrate the daughters. For me, working with a next generation is another special gift. I believe that the full embrace of loving daughters is very critical raising a healed, whole, and happy generation after me. Every one of us, as mother roles, as role models, as super-model role models need to raise up patterns in daughters, in the culture of their psyche, of their hope, give them hope, feed them hope. Let’s not classify them, let’s not denigrate them, let’s not see them as a lost generation, Generation X, no! Those are my daughters. They are my womb line, they are my umbilical connect to a transgenerational expression of everything that I have given everything to, of every experience that I have lived, survived, and come through. My domain in life will never be complete if I do not engage the cycle of life in the next daughters. And at the end of it all, they make sure they raise their daughter lionesses to become effective, productive, lethal preservers of a dynasty. That’s who we are, that’s who I am. And for every daughter lioness out there, grrrrrrr. You own the role; it is in your womb.