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Category: Global Sisterhood

Generative Solutions: A Drop at a Time

February 27, 2023

We have previously shared how the Hope Uganda WAVE, led by Bella, has worked tirelessly to give local women the opportunity to learn sewing skills to support themselves and their families. Many are single teenage mothers who are so young and vulnerable.  

With support from Big Ocean Women, they rent a training center where they gather, bringing their children, to build a community that assists them in becoming self-reliant. Not only do they have donated sewing machines and instructors available to teach the women at the center, they hold WAVE (local Big Ocean Women group) meetings at various times throughout the day to discuss the organization’s tenets and how to apply them on their road to independence. Many hopeful women have come forward to take advantage of this hand up to a better life. The women express their gratitude for a place to meet, learn basic sewing skills, and share the modest proceeds of clothing sales with their own families. Their growing skills and confidence are readily apparent in this video.  

Like all the work of Big Ocean Women, their current progress represents drops that have the potential to form oceans of change. This idea is reflected in their name, Hope Uganda WAVE. These women have made great strides toward their eventual goal to be fully independent. Presently, the donated machines are used at capacity to train the eager students. The challenge is having faith and patience to figure out how to realize their goals of obtaining their own sewing machines and creating their own clothing and alterations shops. In addition to increasing their income, this will allow the women to grow personally as they develop their talents and find fulfillment in creating articles that express their unique talents and strengths.

This month’s tenet states, “We work in partnership with our global sisters to create generative solutions.” This means that these women help to discover solutions which are lasting and bless the lives of the rising generation. Hope Uganda WAVE members and Big Ocean Women leaders are actively engaged in this process that will allow more women to obtain a sewing machine–at a cost of about $110–and achieve true independence that will be generative. With the help and support of BOW and your donations, this dream is well on its way to becoming a reality. We invite you to consider making a donation on our website and earmarking it for this project. 

Or instead, use your time and means to support generative solutions in your own family, neighborhood, or community. These changes are not an event, but a process of building waves of change, drop by drop.