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While at CSW in 2018, we were able to meet Ayo and Vera, representatives from the Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI).

GPI is a female youth development organization to assist in the socialization of girls for the realization of a future where women are visible and valued participants in Nigerian society.

The GPI program strategies and activities are directed at the four stages of influence on girls, namely:

  1. INDIVIDUAL LEVEL – Empowering girls as social change agents through increasing their self-esteem, knowledge, skills, and self-efficiency.
  2. SOCIAL NETWORK LEVEL – Strengthening positive relationships among girls and immediate social relations to provide the necessary support for their actions.
  3. COMMUNITY LEVEL – Enabling opportunities for girls’ action in challenging patriarchal values and discriminatory practices and beliefs that put girls at risk and to facilitate positive social changes toward gender justice.
  4. INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL – Focusing on social changes through activities and advocacy for policy changes that impact systematic practices and norms that affect girls and their communities.

GPI has been in the vanguard of improved status and living standards and quality of life of young females and women generally. Through its efforts it has drawn and changed attitudes towards the plight of women and girls.

To see the interview we recorded at CSW, go here.

To learn more about their program, you can visit their website: