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Giving Aid During Covid-19

May 27, 2020

Fatima, the cottage leader in Nigeria, wrote this to Big Ocean Women:

“We were given a free day today so I was able to get to the bank and then we went to get the things from the market and also distributed today. We rushed everything today because the lock down resumes tomorrow. It was great but very tiring. I sent you all this to give you a picture of what we did. I made face masks for everyone and also gave some cash to a few people who needed it most. It was worthwhile I must say, many thanks. God is faithful, it was amazing that we could accomplish all that in one day. Do you know some of them had nothing? Even though we gave them food, some still pleaded that they couldn’t afford little condiments to cook. It was a great blessing and they were very happy. Their families will definitely be happy, and the bond with BOW will be stronger. On behalf of BOW Nigeria, we are really grateful.”

Through the generous donations received, Big Ocean Women helped other cottages in Ghana and Liberia, and provided much- needed supplies to the Navajo Nation.

On our Donations Page, you will see that we have a number of ongoing efforts with which you can help. We have plans to help our cottage in South Sudan. We’re working to help some homeless boys in Rwanda. The Navajo Nation is still in dire need of help, and Carolina and her husband have decided to make their anniversary trip this year a mission of delivering relief. You can help send food, clean water, and cleaning supplies by donating. We have also partnered with Stitching Hearts Worldwide to help provide masks and material for people to make masks in areas experiencing short supply.

Our organization is run by volunteers, and we view every donation as a sacred trust. You can add your drop or wave to help!