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Giving Tuesday Success Stories

October 29, 2020

As promised, we are thrilled to showcase the remarkable work put forth by our global cottages which have deeply impacted their families and communities.  

Tai and her cottage from South Sudan were concerned about recent instances where intruders walked into homes and raped women and young girls in her community. Her cottage reached out with a plan to help provide locks for the doors of their homes. Together with some planning and coordinating, and with funds from your generous donations, these locks were ordered and installed in the community. Many women and families have felt a sense of relief to have this protection. Thank you! 

Fatima and her cottage from Nigeria have been greatly impacted because of COVID. Your contribution has helped with urgent relief for the purchase and distribution of staple foods for her cottage and community. When a recently widowed cottage member, Esther, struggled to support her young family, the Nigeria cottage brainstormed a way to help her develop a profitable skill. They reached out with a plan to have this young mother enroll in a 6-month intensive sewing course and support with a new sewing machine. Truly a generative solution! 

Anita and her cottage from Amazonian Ecuador have been working towards sustainable living. They met together and came up with a plan to purchase fruit and nut trees and medicinal plants that would sustain their community abundantly. We have counseled together as they have faced challenges regarding indigenous land sovereignty. We were able to coordinate the purchase of fruit trees and medicinal plants and are working together for some possible legal counsel in Ecuador on this issue.  

Mmonbeydo and her cottage from Liberia have coordinated a food drive for her cottage members and community members who had food shortages in their community due to COVID. We have been able to support them as they’ve assessed the needs of each family and meticulously coordinated the effort to purchase, package up, and deliver the essentials. Your generous donations have made this all possible. 

Big Ocean sister Karyn, from the Navajo nation, reached out with concern for the many elders and families in dire need of nonperishable food and medical supplies due to COVID. Together with the help and support of the Provo Youth, Provo/Orem, West Jordan, Riverton, and Spanish Fork cottages, we were able to answer the call for support. Your funds allowed us to rent a large 26-foot truck, which was filled to the brim with goods and medical supplies! Your generous donations supplied us the possibility to travel and deliver those goods to a profoundly grateful community in Kayenta Township. Gloria and her St. George Utah cottage, who were instrumental in sewing hundreds of PPE masks, continue the relief effort with partner organizations today. 

Becky and her cottage in Ghana have been hard at work building up the Family Restoration Center, where families receive one-on-one mentorship and support as a way to stay together. They have reached out for support to get walls and roof constructed on a building so it can house additional families. Your generous donations have supported this as well as many Literacy Centers and Mom School initiatives by our Ghana Family Mentoring Families cottage. Amazing! 

These are but a few of the many few outstanding projects our cottages have been involved in this past year, all thanks to you and your Giving Tuesday donations!

Carolina Allen, BOW Founder