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Category: Powerful Impact

God Inside of You, Inside of Me part 2

October 30, 2023

Lead photo credit: Fabian Moller via Unsplash

Did you know that you are held and loved every single day by “our infinite source or God?” For last year’s November newsletter, I wrote an article entitled, “God Inside of You, Inside of Me.” I invited you, my dear friends and readers across the globe, to take a journey within to discover who you are. May I ask for you to humor me a little as I go a little deeper to explore what that journey can look like?

Would it be ok if I invite you to imagine a conversation with your highest, true Self? If you choose to take my invitation to do this exercise, it will work best if you can find a calm and quiet place to reflect and go inward. Now that we are alone, may I invite you to pause and just notice where you are in this space?  Notice your breathing–following the soft and natural rhythm in and out, like the waves of the sea.

I’d like to invite you, if need be, to lean on my belief for a moment. I believe your True Self looks and sounds just like you! Has your same eyes, hair, face and body. She/He is radiant and glorious being a child of God or of Infinite Source! Our True Self is in truth Eternal If you don’t believe me, ask your True Self yourself!  In fact, you can invite your True Self to come and stand right there in front of you and have a conversation anytime you need Her/Him. Our True Self is the seat of wisdom and love, your God-given source of light and goodness that resides in all humans. Always there. No matter what. And because your True Self is Eternal, it cannot be damaged or broken. 

Photo credit Max Vandenoetelaar via Unsplash

Can I invite you to pause here for a moment or two? Or more! How does this feel?  Can I invite you to breathe this all in? Notice how that feeling from within rises to the surface, even if it’s just a faint whisper. Often people will say the feeling comes from their heart, the center of their being. It is a deep knowing from within. It is God within you! If you struggle to feel this feeling I am describing, may I invite you to be patient? It will come with time, effort and persistence each day. You will come to know that your True Self resides right there within you. And you will feel the truth that You are a beloved, Eternal being! This one simple practice can transform your inner world, and it can start to transform the world around you.

As the resource material for this month’s tenet states, “As Mahatma Ghandi once said, ‘we but mirror the world. All tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.’”