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November 2016 Board Message

I am so grateful to report that our Big Ocean delegation was tremendously successful as they attended and presented at the global event, UN Habitat 3, in Quito, Ecuador.

Many things were accomplished and our delegates:

– Distributed Days for Girls kits and taught menstruation programs to schools and a foster home for young girls.
– Connected with and interviewed many inspiring women and leaders.
– Attended and participated in discussions in UN events.
– Officially presented our Big Ocean position paper “The Three Environments” at a parallel event.

As incredible as these successes have been, the most impressive accomplishment by our delegation was to promote our Big Ocean culture as they faced insurmountable challenges and unforeseen difficulties. See “Adventures in Ecuador” to learn more about these challenges.

Our Big Ocean team held strong by relying on their inner and collective faith and prayers, as well as their optimism and hard work ethic. Sacrificing their time away from family and so many other responsibilities, navigating a completely new country and language, delivering promised humanitarian supplies, as well as the pressure of presenting at a prestigious global event, would have taken its toll on just about anyone. Where other teams might have begun to crumble, our team held strong and were able to share their positive energy with many others. They were able to create opportunities when things seemed bleak, and they actually thrived amidst these high pressure situations.

This is the Big Ocean maternal feminist culture we live by, and promote. We consistently rise above our hardships as we rely on our individual and collective faith, and put our positive energy into action. Although the road might be filled with potential stumbling blocks, we can repeatedly used them as stepping stones for greater opportunities that will uplift ourselves and others. Thats the Big Ocean way!

A special thanks to our amazing Big Ocean delegation as they stepped in with confidence to represent us all at the global level! A huge thank you to all of you who joined in the effort by praying for our team and supporting them through social media! A special thanks to their families and friends who supported them selflessly the entire 8 days they were away!

Way to go Big Ocean!

Carolina Allen
Founder of Big Ocean Women