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You really need to hand it to Becky and Tom Rogers.  As parents of ten children, they already had their hands full.  After she felt a “call of the heart” to do humanitarian work in Ghana, they moved there with six of their children and started getting their hands dirty.  They tried their hand at small service projects, but ultimately decided the critical need there was to give a hand up rather than a handout to strengthen families. Their handiwork is varied and impressive:  literacy centers, micro loans, student loans, school support and classes, and now plans for family rehabilitation centers. Learn more about their work and see how you can help:

Becky formed a Big Ocean cottage in Ghana and joined hands with the Spanish Fork, Utah cottage as sister cottages.  At their recent video cottage meeting, Becky shared one of their secret tools:  holding hands as husband and wife. This practice, a novelty in the Ghana culture, garners stares and teaches with hands instead of words the irreplaceable role of fathers and the blessing of building interdependent relationships between men and women.  Don’t they deserve a big hand?  Pat shares excerpts from the video meeting here. h