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Join the WAVE

April 29, 2023

Do you want to be empowered as a faith-filled woman? Do you want to discuss with others what that means? Please join our monthly online discussion, the Big Ocean Women Virtual WAVE meeting. It takes place on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. MDT. Women from all around the world join us to discuss the monthly tenet and to be inspired and encouraged.  

Last month our Virtual WAVE meeting was especially meaningful. After a brief introduction of those attending, Carolina Allen, the Founder and Executive Director of Big Ocean Women, led the discussion. Within this discussion were important foundational definitions, teachings, and goals that I would like to share with you.  

First of all, Carolina defined a Big Ocean Women WAVE.

WAVE Definition – BOW

Our discussion then led to the tenet for April: We live and promote a life culture within the womb, the home, and the ecological environment.  

Life Culture Tenet – BOW

Big Ocean Women are empowered by their understanding of the tenets. Using this perspective, they look around at their own lives, their families, and their communities and see the problems and challenges that they face. They counsel together and formulate a solution – but not just a temporary solution, a “generative solution.” Carolina explains here what that means.

Generative Solutions – BOW

Big Ocean Women, from the beginning, was organized to give women a place to express their faith, devotion to family, and the value they see in their innate feminine nature and biology. We take this perspective to the United Nations and particularly to a two-week meeting called The Commission on the Status of Women. This year our delegation presented ways BOW is using technology to empower women that includes the power that comes from their faith and their maternal powers.

BOW and United Nations

This section of our virtual WAVE meeting was really important. As organization leaders, we have been praying and seeking inspiration in these troubled times. Carolina, as our executive director, has given precious time and attention to BOW and what this organization can and should accomplish. In this next section she shares our goal for Big Ocean Women. This is different from the world; different from the United Nations. This is our goal as faith-filled, empowered women.  

Top Priority – Spiritual Strength – BOW

Finally, our WAVE leader from South Sudan, Nyachangkuouth Tai, expressed this very important role of Big Ocean Women. At the time, BOW and particularly our virtual WAVE meeting, was a place to share trials and receive support and understanding. We based our worldwide retreat on the theme, Big Ocean Women – A Safe Harbor.  

WAVES are a Place of Safety

Please join us as we build these pockets of safety throughout the world. Attend our virtual WAVE meeting, see what we are all about. Gather your friends and start a WAVE. It can be joining friends or family across the miles and meeting online; it can be a group of friends in your neighborhood; it can be any group of like-minded women who want to become empowered by their divine, feminine identity. We need you! If you would like to start a WAVE, please contact Gloria Boberg at

There is a story to the lead photo!  Seated in the front second from the left is Gloria Eleonyeasi who is the London WAVE president.  The London WAVE chose to sponsor another WAVE in Lagos, Nigeria. The fortunate members of the Lagos WAVE were asked what training they desired in order to support themselves and their children. For example, some chose sewing and some chose pastry making. Big Ocean Women helped pay for their training. They are now certified in their specific fields, and the next step is helping them with tools and equipment. Gloria traveled to Lagos to meet with this group of women and help them continue as the Lagos WAVE.