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Women, as always, the thoughts and hearts of the Big Ocean board members are with you. This month as we discuss the Model of Powerful Impact, we humbly acknowledge that there are many of our members who are struggling right now. There are those who come to our cottages seeking hope that the philosophy of Big Ocean can provide in this ever-changing political climate. There are members who rely upon friendships that are forged with fellow members to get through the trials in their personal lives. Other members cling to the work being done to improve the political landscape in favor of faith, family, and motherhood. You are not forgotten. Your sacrifices for this cause and in your private lives are the lifeblood of this organization and the reasons that we do what we do.

As Big Ocean Women, we believe in the Model of Powerful Impact. We believe that true power comes from within, that there is nothing externally holding us back from fully expressing our power and influence for good in the world. It is a principle that provides peace and confidence in an ever-changing moral climate. It is an idea, when fully recognized and accepted by the individual, which provides clarity to innate gifts and talents.

Sometimes, as we attempt to utilize this innate power within us, the struggles and shortcomings we face can weaken our resolve to employ that power. I think it is important to recognize that the development of this power is a gradual lifelong process, a process filled by many triumphs and many defeats. As I look back over my life, I recognize that it has been in the valleys and not on the mountain tops where I have made the most difference in this world. I have noticed that it is often in the midst of my own trials that my eyes are opened to the suffering of those around me. It is in these moments that my heart turns to others, and I reach out to begin the positive ripple that is defined in the Model of Powerful Impact.

Women, this power is innate. There is no standard of qualification. There is no need for a degree or any specific experiences. You, just as you are, are enough to make a positive difference in this world. You do make a positive difference! With every smile that you put on another’s face, with every meal that you prepare, with every phone call/message/text/visit that you make, you are changing this world. Let us celebrate the individual and the collective positive impact Big Ocean is having!

My heart is with you. I can see the strength of Big Ocean and witness the collective power that is changing the political landscape because of your individual actions. Alone we are but a single drop, but together we are creating a strong and powerful force for the affirmation of faith, family, and motherhood around the globe.  My hope is that you can recognize this power in yourself and in this organization.

-Kimberly Landeen