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I read a book once with the premise of a woman having her consciousness switched with that of a horse. The experiences that followed were both humorous and insightful. I remember being struck by the description of awe and wonder that the author included about the movement of the horse and how beautiful it was. I remember thinking that so many of the problems in this world would melt away if we all looked at the human form with that kind of admiration and reverence. A horse is a majestic animal, there is no denying that, but even with all of the amazing things a horse can do, it can never be as amazing as a human being.

So many women suffer from feelings of inadequacy or sadness because they do not look a certain way or fit a particular mold. But that is just an example of how comparisons hurt us. True power comes from recognizing and appreciating who we are and what we are capable of. One of the things that we as women are so great at is seeing and pointing this out in others; still, we need to learn to not only recognize it in ourselves, but be comfortable in being honest about our magnificence and accepting what we might see as flaws as part of that magnificence.

I recently have been having some personal struggles in my life that have really shaken me and forced me to evaluate what defines me. In my heartache, I have been blessed by so many friends who have reached out to lift me and help me remember what I really did know. Each of us has intrinsic value, simply because we are members of the human family. I believe we are divinely formed. I believe that we are meant to lift and serve each other in a global sisterhood. We can draw strength from that belonging.

We are all capable of doing so much more with the help of our friends and family than we could do on our own. Strong women know this. Strong women lift and encourage those around them and help them to find their worth and their strength so then they too can lift and encourage. The world has a great need for women who can reach out and serve even across cultural barriers and even when we have to overcome our own personal pains. We can rise above the challenges we face, and we can also help to lift each other in the process.

It is time for us to let go of our comparisons. It is time for us to forgive ourselves and others. It is time for us to take up the confidence that is ours by birthright. It is time for us to lift each other and watch in admiration as we move majestically onward.