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Meet Big Ocean: Julie Jenkins

May 28, 2021

The Spanish Fork cottage of Big Ocean Women has a new president!  We are so grateful to Amy Clements for starting this cottage and serving as president for the past four years.  She has gathered a group of strong, light-filled women, and is very dedicated to Big Ocean Women.  However, her plate is so full right now that she needs to step down as president.

We are thrilled that Julianne Stevig Jenkins has volunteered to become the new president.  When asked what her hopes are for the Spanish Fork cottage, she said, “I would hope that the Spanish Fork cottage will attract women in our area who want to be involved with serving and sharing light and knowledge and making a difference in our community and the world.  I also want our cottage to . . . stand up and fight for what is right for our families and community.  There is a lot of craziness going on in the world, and we need to do all we can to fight for what is right and strengthen homes and families.” 

The above statements reveal some of Julie’s gifts.  She is a gatherer.  When she sends out a call for people to help with a project, people willingly answer because they respect Julie and have felt her genuine love.  They also come to help because Julie has answered their calls for help.  She recently sent out an invitation through social media to come and serve together, and the result was the tying of 13 baby quilts!

Julie is filled with light because she is true to her God and to her religion.  She desires “to be an instrument in [God’s] hand to help those who are struggling or feeling hopeless and of no worth.”  Julie believes that “everyone needs to know that they are God’s child, and [that] He loves them and is aware of them.”   She said, “I would hope that I am aware so that when He wants me to go to the rescue, I will listen and obey.” 

She and her husband Glayd were high school sweethearts in Afton, Wyoming.  Previous to being married, she studied at Brigham Young University where she was a Cougarette.  After marriage she studied a while at Utah State University until she became a mother. She has always wanted to be a mother and loves this role.  She and Glayd now have five children, 11 grandchildren, and will soon have their first great-grandchild.  She hopes that she will be “able to make a difference in their lives.”

Big Ocean Women is indebted to Julie for being our bookkeeper for the past five years.  Her service to our organization has been invaluable.  When we found out that Julie had just retired, we asked her to become our bookkeeper.  We thought that this was her previous occupation, but it turns out that she was not a bookkeeper, but an insurance agent!  Julie agreed to help and just quietly went to work and gained the skills necessary to record our income and expenses, put them on Quick Books, and prepare our records for our yearly tax return.  We are so grateful to her!

We now look forward to Julie’s service as the Spanish Fork cottage president.  She is anxious to strengthen the cottage’s relationship with their sister-cottage in Ghana.  She hopes to partner with Families Mentoring Families to strengthen families in that area and hopes to get a project together to support them. 

Thank you, Julie, for your able and devoted service!