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Meet Big Ocean – Katrina

September 30, 2022

Families are a crucial part of life for Katrina Hubbard, a new member of our communication team. She assists in editing the newsletter and has jumped in to be an author as well. It’s no surprise that this is the Big Ocean Women tenet she relates to most: “We greatly value the contributing role of families.”

We are grateful that our previous editor, Kathy Stimpson, who is her mother, introduced her to Big Ocean Women. Other family members have also been key influences in her journey as a young mother. She related, “I’ve learned from the examples of my mother, my sister, my mother-in-law, and my grandmother as I try to be the best mom I can be for my kids. Their influence has been supportive and helpful to me. What I didn’t expect was the camaraderie I feel with them (especially my mother) as I experience motherhood for myself — I feel like I understand my mother so much more after experiencing the joy and pain of motherhood for myself.”

Part of that family influence came as she grew up in Sandy, Utah, United States with her parents and two sisters with whom she has good relationships. Even though she was quiet and shy, she made close friends who have stayed with her through the years. She involved herself in academics, her church, music, and “nothing requiring athletic talent!”

Education played a key role for Katrina. For starters, she attended high school and college with her husband, so that was impactful. In addition, she enjoyed growing spiritually as well as intellectually as she attended a private religious school, Brigham Young University (BYU). “I felt like the whole experience being away at the university was hugely impactful — academically I learned a lot, but I also discovered independence. I had to learn to rely on myself and the lessons I was taught in order to succeed academically, socially, and mentally.”

Although they were not high school sweethearts, she did go to high school and BYU with her now-husband Doug. After starting as friends, then becoming better friends, they  eventually married and welcomed three children — two girls and a boy– to the family. She reports, “They keep me incredibly busy with their unending energy and constant conversation, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Katrina seemed completely unintimidated as she took over the reins as newsletter editor. This is likely because she loves clerical work and worked for BYU and two departments at Rice University (The Program in Jewish Studies and the Chao Center for Asian Studies) as an office manager and loved it! We’re grateful for the expertise and experience she brings to our team.

She has many other talents, hobbies, and interests that she pursues enthusiastically. In the last few years, she developed a love of crafting and rekindled her interest in crocheting. Favorite projects include seasonal wreaths and personalized décor for her home. She is an avid fan of Disney and Disneyland.

A few years ago, she discovered what has become her favorite charity, the Magic Yarn Project. They use yarn to make princess wigs and superhero beanies for children with cancer/hair loss. The soft pieces are easy on their tender heads and add a bit of joy to the children in these extremely difficult moments of their lives. She is passionate about the organization and helping to create this joy.

She has also retained her love for music and joined her sister in a community orchestra, Utah Philharmonic Orchestra, playing the viola the last couple years.  She notes that few people realize she plays the viola. As a matter of fact, she’s certain most people don’t know what a viola is. With everything else she has her fingers in, it’s no wonder that she often does her editing later at night after she gets her kids in bed.

When asked if she has a superpower she quipped, “If you can call it a superpower, I’m weirdly good at quoting movies and songs. If only I had that kind of knowledge retention for history!!”

She then used that quoting superpower to describe her idea of a perfect day: “See, my first response is to quote Miss Congeniality. ‘I’d have to say April 25th because it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!’” She continued, “But in reality, my answer would be spending the day with my whole family at Disneyland, not feeling rushed or overwhelmed, just enjoying the fun times together.” Note that family theme again.

We end as we began, with families. Katrina concluded, “I recognize how lucky I am to have a strong and happy relationship with my family. They are always there to support me, and it’s been a crucial part of my life.” We appreciate her family sharing Katrina with us and welcome her as part of our Big Ocean Women family.