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Meet Big Ocean: Kaylee Gwilliam

June 29, 2022

Kaylee grew up in St. George, Utah, USA and is the second oldest of seven children. She lived in a tight-knit community where the children played night games together regularly and families supported each other. Kaylee has also lived elsewhere in Utah, California, Brazil, and North Carolina.

In this season of her life, Kaylee is settling into a new home in Minnesota with her young family, following two years of supporting her husband in graduate school.

Kaylee is the mother of three children, who she is helping settle into their new life as well. When asked what her focus is right now, Kaylee responded, “I am working on creating a healthy family dynamic that supports good mental and physical health for each of us and our individual needs.”

That focus is informed by the positive experiences in her life, as well as some difficulties. Kaylee’s longer quotes are italicized.  

Every challenge teaches something so different, and I value each one I’ve experienced. Lately I am experiencing a challenge of a family member suffering a crisis of mental health. I am learning about how to help and who to help. The ripple effects of mental health struggles reach far, and the more we can pull together the better for all affected.

Kaylee is excited to be connected with Big Ocean Women because the mission and tenets align so much with her personal values.

This month’s tenet about choice is a huge one for me. It’s been an area of study for a long time in my life. Right now I’m working on using the power of choice to take better care of my health. It is interesting how much mental work is involved in our physical well-being! It all comes down to our choices.

She shared that though all of the tenets inspire so much goodness, her favorite is the tenet for January: We believe in God and are women of faith. She shared, “It’s the anchor of all else for me.”

As a woman of faith, Kaylee uses her musical talent to lift and inspire others as part of the Minnesota Saints Chorale. They are known for presenting inspiring sell-out concerts at the local university each Christmas and Easter. Kaylee recently had the unique opportunity to travel with her choir and perform at the United States Capitol on Memorial Day.

In addition to the opportunities to connect in the community, Kaylee loves the opportunity to develop relationships and learn from fellow choir members. “The members of the choir are some of the most elite of the elite!

I just love them for their positivity and their examples of goodness.” Kaylee also cherishes opportunities to love and serve through music.

We focus our music on bringing light and joy. We were recently asked to sing at the funeral of a family of four that passed on the same day. The songs we sang were full of hope and peace, and we were thanked for bringing that to such a sad event. To finish a piece that leaves the audience in silence is an experience that I absolutely love. Music has the power to lift hearts and inspire souls.

When asked what she was most thankful for, Kaylee responded, “Christ, family and friends, a strong body, a sound mind, and nature.” Big Ocean Women is grateful to have Kaylee join the team!