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Men Who Help Big Ocean Women

May 30, 2023

Our June tenet declares our gratitude for the fathers in the world and our desire to build interdependent relationships with men. We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to these men who have helped Big Ocean Women become the powerful organization it is today.

Bjorn Pendleton, Pendleton Creative, Owner

Big Ocean Women has been blessed to have Bjorn Pendleton as our talented graphic artist. His creativity and technical skills have been key to our growth and global influence. Bjorn produced our first logo which is still used today. From a simple flier to large banners and displays, the face of Big Ocean Women has been created by Bjorn.

Bjorn has been influential in other significant ways. Early on, he and his wife Becky (who is our webmaster) had been reading and thinking about our tenets. They suggested that we need to have a tenet about our relationship to men. This suggestion brought about this month’s tenet. We have always felt that Bjorn has our best interests and success in mind. We are very grateful for his contributions to Big Ocean Women.

Bjorn and Becky live in Spanish Fork, Utah, and are parents of six children and one adorable granddaughter.

Lane Henderson, J-Mart Printing, Owner

From the very beginning of Big Ocean Women, Lane Henderson has generously offered to print our banners, promotional items, calendars, cards, invitations, and thousands of flyers at a substantial discount. His enthusiastic encouragement and praise for what we are doing has been a great support and gift to us. 

At age 5, Lane began working at his father’s newspaper and printing business, Spanish Fork Press. Adopting the high standards and goals of his parents, JC and Maureen Henderson (thus J-Mart), Lane and his wife Leslie have worked tirelessly to lift and support others. As mayor and councilman of his hometown, Salem, Utah, a member of Kiwanis club, president of the Utah Press Club, leader in the Milan Italy Mission, and fundraiser for many good causes, Lane has elevated individuals and whole communities. We are so grateful to have his support.   

JD Tueller, Viori Beauty, V.P. of Technology

JD offered to help us with the foundation and structure of Big Ocean Women. As a startup advisor, JD’s skilled guidance was and still is a great blessing to Big Ocean Women. I can still remember the many nights that JD met with us and helped us to define our mantra, our vision, and our mission. His excitement about what Big Ocean Women could become was sincere, and he helped us to see our great potential.   

We are happy to hear that JD was recently married last year, and that he and his wife are expecting their first baby in July! He is currently working as the VP of Technology at a startup called Viori Beauty ( which makes the most sustainable luxury shampoo and conditioner bars in the world.

David Grant, More Good Foundation, COO and CFO

David has been a significant support and mentor to Big Ocean Women. Besides giving us advice and helping us find donors, he offered to let us use the boardroom of the More Good Foundation for our board meetings. We were honored to be in that inspiring space for several years and have fond memories of using their state-of-the-art technology, hashing out our thoughts on their white boards, and even enjoying their soda machine. 

David is the COO and CFO of the More Good Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share their beliefs on the Internet. More Good operates in 16 languages and has 120 employees worldwide. They provide tools and training to universities, Church institutes, and they support other groups and foundations with like-minded missions throughout the world. 

David and his wife, Lynette, currently serve as ecclesiastical leaders at the missionary training center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Ryan Koch, Public Relations Director

Ryan is the Director of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Public and International Affairs Office in New York City. His work at the United Nations in both New York and Geneva is important, and helps organizations like Big Ocean Women understand the organization and workings of the UN. His broad connections help organizations like ours to unite together with other family friendly groups in the common cause of strengthening faith and family. For example, it was through Ryan that we met our Swedish friends from Haro. 

Ryan has a degree in International Relations from Brigham Young University and speaks Swedish, German and Russian. The son of an Air Force pilot, Ryan has lived at thirty-five different addresses, but has finally found his home in New Jersey. Ryan and his wife Laura are the parents of four splendid children. 

Warren Inouye, JD

Warren has been a long-time supporter of Big Ocean Women. Besides generous financial support, he has helped us with pro bono legal work many times. He prepared a contract for the St. George WAVE to lease a valuable piece of land for just $10 for 10 years. When COVID prevented our New York City event, Warren helped us with the needed clout and legal pressure to get our deposit back and cancel the reservation. This kind of support and expertise has been invaluable to Big Ocean Women.

Warren now lives in Mission Viejo, CA with his wife, Cathy Tibbetts. Both Warren and Cathy lost their first spouses, and are now busy sharing children and grandchildren. Though officially retired, Warren continues to practice as a real estate attorney.

We also want to wish the men in our lives a Happy Father’s Day! We are so very grateful for your love and support.

Carolina Allen honors husband, Kawika Allen and father, Fabio Sagebin, and sons Elijah and Kepa Allen

I’d like to honor my husband Kawika, who’s a man of humility and works jointly with God to become better and better each day. Thanks for your cheerfulness and humor in our home! Happy Father’s Day, Kawika, we love you!!

To my dad, Fabio; thanks for loving me and instilling in me the desire to think outside the box. You gave me the confidence to be different and not worry about what others may think! Love you, Dad!! 

Elijah and Kepa

Elijah has been a rock and an example of service and leadership in our family. 

Kepa is an obedient helper and loves his siblings unconditionally.

Vilma Sagebin honors husband, Fabio Sagebin (who is also father of Carolina Allen) and her sons, sons-in-law, and grandsons

Fabio has been a great support to our organization since the beginning. He encouraged me to participate and support our daughter Carolina. He not only supports me financially but encourages me to make a difference in the world. We can see his great influence in the way Carolina learned to be a thinker and find solutions to the problems we face. Here he is at the UN Debrief listening to Carolina’s report and supporting us in every way.

He is a loving and exemplary father who values and gives priority to his family; he is never busy enough for his children.

Our sons and grandsons have been a great blessing because they will always have a role model to follow. Fabio is teaching them to be exemplary fathers.

Maren Butcher honors her husband Trent Butcher, father Douglas Smith, brother Spencer Smith, sons William and Josh Butcher, and son-in-law Tanner 

Maren with her husband Trent Butcher and brother Spencer Smith. Trent has been extremely supportive of his family and of the work that Big Ocean Women does around the world. He is so positive about the potential of families. Spencer was raised with only sisters and respects women and is always so supportive of his sisters. 

Seated in the car are Maren’s father, Douglas Smith, youngest son Josh, and husband Trent. Douglas set the supreme example of a loving husband, father and grandfather. He puts God first in his life and treats others as God would have him do. Josh is the spark that got Maren involved with Big Ocean Women. He opened an understanding of the many children around the world who are in need of foster care and of permanent families. Families matter!

Son-in-law Tanner is a prime example of honoring the women in his life. He is an example of one who applies principles in his life and lives them. Even though he is training to be a physician, he supports my daughter in her goals as well and sees the two of them as a unified team.

Son William Butcher is the epitome of a wonderful and supportive son. He reaches out to many many people his age and is kind and caring. William sees the value in each individual life. 

Gloria Boberg honors husband Joe Boberg  and sons Darron and Jeremy Boberg, son-in-law Mike Larson

We pay tribute to Joe who is a great example of strength and perseverance. He has overcome obstacles and trials and never gives up. His multi-media sculptures are so interesting and capture the beauty of the world.

Jo Boberg
Darron with his daughter Brittnie
Jeremy with his wife Emily

Gloria, Jeremy, and Darron have worked together to bring hope and healing to many individuals. Jeremy is the founder/CEO and Darron is the co-founder and director of Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers. 

Gloria’s daughter, Tammy, is married to Mike who is always so helpful, especially with planting the trees in the community garden.

Mike with Tammy and their two kids

Jennie Echols honors Lou Echols, St. George WAVE treasurer 

Carolina Allen, Lou and Jennie Echols, Gloria Boberg, St. George WAVE president behind

Lou has been the St. George WAVE treasurer from the beginning. We are so grateful to him for offering his experience and dedication to Big Ocean Women.

Julie Roberts honors husband Craig Roberts

Craig has been a great supporter of Big Ocean Women, and his support of the St. George WAVE and the community garden is so wonderful. His leadership and hard work are such a gift to the St. George WAVE.

St. George WAVE honors men who have helped and continue to help with the community garden
The St. George WAVE community garden is huge! It is more than an acre with vegetables, fruit and nut trees, rabbits, bees, and chickens! The work to be done requires more than human muscle. Kevin generously loans his tractor to the St. George WAVE. We are so grateful for the generosity of these men.

Kevin Bushnell
Richard Downer
Rolan Baldwin

Fatima Njoku honors husband Victor Chidi Njoku and son Salem Njoku

Victor Njoku, a man in a million. You make it easy to be your life partner, always supportive, forgiving, and loving – urging me to be the best I can be without feeling intimidated. 

You are a good father and a good role model to our children. Your love for Humanitarian service and passion for the Lord’s service just crowns it. 

I will walk this way with you over and over again.

Gloria Eleonyeasi honors husband Sir John Ezeonyeasi

This is my beloved husband of 24 years. His name is Sir John Ezeonyeasi. He is the man in my life.

Grace Garn honors fiance Avi Raje

My fiance, Avi, is the greatest example to me of consistency and patience. He has a remarkable capacity to support me in my ambitions. He teaches me through example that consistent steps in the right direction create results. His patience and unconditional love are pillars in our relationship that allow me to grow and expand who I am and what I can create. As a young Maternal Feminist, he is exactly what I hope for in a partner. He challenges me, strives to understand the profoundness of femininity, and prepares himself to be a good father and a better life partner than he was yesterday. 

Norma Hendrickson honors husband Clyde Hendrickson

My husband Clyde helps Big Ocean Women in many ways, especially by patiently supporting my efforts here. He is a wonderful editor and fixer of my technology blunders. He endures all our requests for help with promptness and good humor. He is generous with his time, encouragement, and our means. More about him in my article this month.

Julie Jenkins honors husband Glayd Jenkins

Our family has been so blessed by my husband, Glayd Jenkins. His first priority is his family. He loves his five children, 11 grandchildren, and sweet little great-granddaughter with all of his heart. They all mean the world to him and he is always there when they need anything. He is thrilled when his grandkids call and want to go golfing with him. He also is very kind and willing to help those in need. 

Wendi Olsen honors husband Mark Olsen

Mark is an incredible example of faith through adversity. No matter what life throws at him, he meets challenges head on, usually with a smile on his face.

And though we haven’t been blessed with children of our own, Mark takes every opportunity to love, protect, and teach our many nieces and nephews. 

Mark is my daily reminder that God is very mindful of us, life is a miracle, and every breath a precious gift. 

Mark and Wendi

  Holly Sweeten honors husband Rod Sweeten, grandfather
Garth Sweeten, sons Hadley and Gabe, and grandson Garrett

Whether it is visiting refugees or helping make beds for a new facility for the residents at Fairpark, a Switchpoint property, Rod Sweeten is there helping and encouraging. 

Holly, son Hadley, grandson and graduate Garrett and husband Rod Sweeten. 

Three generations of Sweeten men! Grandfather Garth, Rod, and son Gabe

Kim Landeen honors husband Alan Landeen

Allen is the rock of our family. He is the glue that holds us together. He is the morning story time with the kids even if he has pressing work commitments. The one-on-one daddy dates that make our kids feel special and seen. The dinner maker, dishes doer, and laundry folder all after super long work days because he sees his role in the home as irreplaceable and the needs of the home and family so clearly. He is the most supportive spouse, at times pushing me forward and at other times walking hand in hand with me towards dreams and goals. He is extremely successful by all worldly standards and yet sets his value by how he is doing as a spouse and father. It is a standard saying in our home that “Daddy is my one true love,” and that is absolutely true. He has earned and diligently maintains with sacred devotion the love and hearts of both myself and our two little girls. I could not be more grateful for the type of husband and father that Allen is. 

Nikkie Brown honors her maternal grandfather, Roberto Favero

I was born on his birthday, and he had an amazing ability to bring joy and smiles everywhere he went. He made everybody feel special!

Lisa Bjornberg honors husband Chris Bjornberg, sons TJ, Ryan, and Michael, and brother Chris Thomas

I am so thankful for the love and support from my husband who always encourages me to use my talents and not be afraid to try new things. He believes in me and believes in Big Ocean Women. He is my adventure partner and makes it possible for me to be the mother I always wanted to be. I am thankful for his sacrifices as he works to provide well for our family. My father, sons, and my brother have also given me purpose and unconditional love and encouragement that has helped me to grow in so many ways.

Daughter Jera, youngest son, Michael, Lisa, and husband Chris
Second son, Ryan, Lisa’s father, Richard, and oldest son, TJ at their Eagle Scout court of honor
Lisa with her brother, Chris Thomas

Margo Watson honors her father Verl Jensen and husband Jay D. Glades

Verl and Jay D.

This is my 87-year-old dad who has a zest for life; great orthodontist, masterful pilot and sportsman, loves to fish, adores his kids and grandkids and is so tender with my delicate mother. He is always helping others in need.

This is my charitable, talented, adventurous husband, Jay D Blades, who supports me and anyone else who needs help. He can solve any problem whether mathematical, plumbing, travel, or landscaping. He has done it or will figure out how to do it. He is so helpful and supportive of my parents in their maturing years.

Jay D is the perfect Boy Scout…kind, loving, generous, talented dancer, singer who loves to travel and is game to try anything! He is a super dad and grandpa.

NiCole Hale honors husband David Hale

David loves, nurtures, and protects our family. He is an anchor in my life, a steady and reliable force which helps me remember what is important. In the second photo, he is helping our two grandchildren plant seeds. They love his attention and know they are secure with him close. When he’s sitting down, they often climb on his lap and get him to read to them or sing to them. 

David works as a technical account manager for, a nonprofit international genealogical organization. He is passionate about strengthening families generationally, and finds personal strength and joy when he spends time with the people he loves.


David supporting Nicole and Big Ocean Women by attending the UN Debrief with daughter Rachel.

Ann Takasaki honors husband Roman Takasaki, sons Stephen and David Takasaki, and grandsons Paxon, Edison, Kaito, and Masato

Pax, our oldest grandson is photo-bombing this photo. Our youngest grandson, Masato, is the baby who just received a father’s blessing.

I’m so grateful for Roman’s help throughout the years and for his generous financial support of Big Ocean Women. It means so much to have him believe in our organization and want it to succeed. He is a wonderful father and grandfather, always sacrificing for his family. I’m also so very grateful for two honorable sons, Stephen and David, who are courageous and devoted fathers, wanting their children to know God and to be helpful to others.

We are so grateful for Paxson and Edison who are going to be wonderful fathers because they are working hard to develop skills and knowledge and wisdom. They honor their mother and grandmother and sisters. They see goodness in others. 

Grandson Kaito is kind and sensitive and a good example for his baby brother. Masa is happy and loving and seems to be emotionally tough.