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Navajo Nation Relief Report

July 29, 2020

In May, Big Ocean Women got word of the dire situation in the Navajo Nation as a result of Covid-19 spread. Big Ocean set a one-month goal to fill a twenty-foot truck to take to Kayenta Township, in the Navajo Nation.

During the month, word spread and the homes of ten members of Big Ocean Women were designated as drop off points.  The St. George cottage made hundreds of hand-sewn masks. The fundraising efforts gathered thousands of consecrated dollars to pay for the trip expense and to purchase additional goods and supplies. Other organizations that joined with Big Ocean were: Utah Days for Girls, Stitching Hearts Worldwide, Timpview High Schools soccer and football teams, Utah Arsenal FC 07 Girls Club team, Aspire Scholar Academy Home School, and the Common Wealth Youth. The truck was loaded with thousands of pounds of donated goods in a matter of minutes. With the help of Big Ocean Women, their families, and communities, as well as its broad networks, they were able to offer tremendous support in a time of desperate need.

Kawika and Carolina Allen drove the truck to Kayenta Arizona on July 1.  Here is a sample box of the donations used to create relief for families who are in strict lockdowns and are very far from grocery stores. This will alleviate some of the need. They were told the truck full of donations was the largest donation they have ever received; they were very grateful.

Before leaving Kayenta, Kawika offered a Hawaiian prayer for them. The prayer he offered was about our aumakua; aumakua means ancestors in Hawaiian. It promised our aumakua are watching over us to bring peace, joy, health, strength, and sustenance to all. He called upon the Great Creator to allow our ancestors to guide us, and angels and messengers to minister to us.