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Our First Fundraising Gala – A Special Thanks

May 27, 2019

Thank you so much for supporting us through our first annual Fundraising Gala!  Your support made it all happen. We are so grateful for you, our wonderful friends who joined us that night or joined us through your generous support.  It was an amazing evening at the stunning grounds and Castle of Wadley Farms. Jeanette Bennett of UV Magazine was our warm and gracious emcee. We were absolutely treated by the delicious dinner by State Street Caterers and incomparable dessert of Les Madeleines.  We were entertained by our outstanding harpist Hannah Butcher and the renowned Mercy River’s inspiring music, all enhanced by  Joe Anderson’s special touch with staging, lighting, and sound.  Mercy River’s song, “Stand,” is fast becoming our theme song.

The Gala was a big milestone for us.  It represents not only our growth as an organization, but our ability to make a difference in the world.  It represents all of you who have supported us along the way. Thank you.

Our growth as an organization would not be possible without the specific help of key individuals, and we want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude.  

First of all, the greatest support we receive is from our spouses and family members.  We couldn’t do this work without your loving support. You have helped us in countless ways, and we are so grateful to you.  

There are a few other individuals who have been critical to our success.  At the very beginning Carolina Allen reached out to many remarkable women who were already at the United Nations standing for the family and the ability of women to make a positive difference in the world.  They helped Carolina that first year, and have continued to help Big Ocean Women through the years as they share their knowledge and experience freely, and for several years have helped our delegation get grounds passes for CSW. Susan Roylance is one of those individuals whose direction and counsel has been especially important to us.  She has continued to mentor, teach, train, and support us in invaluable ways. She is our role model, inspiration, and friend.

We want to thank Ardeth Kapp for being another special mentor and friend.  She has devoted her life to teaching the precious identity of girls and women, and we are following her example.  

Another individual who has encouraged us and supported us is David Grant.  As the founder of The More Good Foundation, he has given us invaluable support, even offering the More Good  boardroom to us for our meetings. We have gone to him when we needed advice and direction, and he has helped us to form our Big Ocean Women culture.  

Jan Garbett and Michelle Linford are two other individuals who have helped us in similar ways. Their broad vision and support for our work was invaluable in the early years.

We wouldn’t be where we are without the expertise and enthusiastic support of JD Tueller.  He believes in us!  With his professional direction we have been able to focus  our work, creating our vision, mantra, and mission. We owe him so much.

Finally, much of the success of the Gala can be credited to the vision and direction of the chair of the event, Andrea Smith.  She led her committee and the many Big Ocean Women and family members to create not only a wonderful event, but also raise sacred funds for our international cottages.  

These funds truly are sacred, and it is your generosity that means so much to our international cottage members.  We have in place a plan to make your $100 contribution an eventual contribution of $5,000. You can still donate here, and we welcome your support.

We feel that our international cottage leaders are among the top 1 percent  of women in the world! They have overcome incredible challenges, and through the tenets of Big Ocean Women are helping their cottage members realize the inherent strength and gifts of womanhood.

This video by Pat Frandsen was shown at the Gala to highlight some of the amzing international women we work with:

These women have been led to us.  And now with your generous support, we can help them to use their innate female gifts and power to meet their challenges, reframe them, and create positive solutions.