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“We are empowered by our femine nature and biology.” 

In the 1960’s James Lovelock Said, “All life, and all living things on this planet, are part of a single, all-encompassing global entity or consciousness.” We are all part of this world; spirits of nature. Britannica defines Mother Earth as “simply the mother,” and “all things come from her, return to her, and are her…” 

The natural world is universally known in cultures around the globe as “Mother Nature.” This honorary feminine title was given for the creative and controlling force of nature as a phenomenon of this physical world. In mythology, nymphs are daughters of nature; they are her spirit influencing the lives of mankind.  All things come from her; all things return to her. The interconnectedness of nature to all living things is so fitting to represent women and our interconnected passion for life. 

What makes an empowered woman?

Kelly Greiner of Mountain Valley Moments Photography shared, Feeling empowerment is a confidence that builds and becomes something beautiful. I feel empowered when I can share my talents with others… ” 

Empowerment is anything which gives us the authority or power to do something. It’s those daily inspirations to pursue our dreams, the sisterly support we gain from our social network of women, and the fire within ourselves to become who we want to be. A truly empowered woman gives herself permission to pursue her full potential, regardless of her weaknesses and insecurities. An empowered woman connects the world with her influence.  

Insecurity is the cancer which kills empowerment. It’s a constant nagging of negativity against our femininity. Insecurities tell us we are weak and unimportant, while empowerment entitles us with strength and drive. Insecurities tell us we aren’t enough, while empowerment allows us to see that we are. Insecurity tells us being a biological woman isn’t something to celebrate, yet empowerment tells us we are creators of beauty because of our divine biological abilities. 

The images in this article are products from a photoshoot focused on women’s empowerment and sisterhood. The message was learning to love our bodies for all our flaws, and most importantly telling the story of our internal insecurities which only love of ourselves can wash away. 

One of the models, Rachel, proclaimed, “These insecurities are beautiful because they show that I’m human. Even though I have these insecurities, I don’t let them consume me. I’ve accepted myself for who I am and just try to be my best self. I find that to be very beautiful. Empowerment means that you’ve accepted yourself for who you are (flaws and all) and aren’t ashamed to show it.” 

Empowerment is finding inner strength in ourselves, recognizing our feminine nature, celebrating our biology, and changing the perspective in which we see ourselves. Empowerment is work. It takes effort and action.  By seeing ourselves for the truth of who we are, influential and irreplaceable members of this world, we grow to love this woman and gain courage in our identity with her.  

Too many women go unappreciated in their efforts. The price for aiding empowerment is simple: a single genuine compliment to raise a sister up. Together we build each other beyond the emotional heartaches of today by empowering the dreams of each woman’s tomorrow. Our global sisterhood is the most powerful wave of feminine love empowering each of us. 

We are the breath of life. We are waves. We are Women. 

Images: Women’s Empowerment Photoshoot August 2021. Photography- Mountain Valley Moments Photography. Models: Colleen Ray, Rachel Helms, Kyten Bell, Sabrina Moore, Kaloni Jensen


Britannica. Mother Earth. 

Greek Medicine. Gaia. Mother Nature.